10 Compelling Reasons to Study Abroad

Moving abroad is a chance for a fresh start, shedding old labels and building a new identity. Beyond personal growth, studying abroad offers benefits like accessible education, diverse career opportunities, language acquisition, and an enriched CV, shaping individuals into adaptable global citizens.

1. Life from Scratch

For some people, moving abroad is a chance to start their lives anew. Leaving behind the old you and coming to a place where no one knows you can help shed the old labels you are tired of, build any reputation you want, and feel more comfortable in your own skin than ever.

With the experience that you have comes a better understanding of who you are and what you need; therefore, as a teen or young adult in a new place, you have all the chances to surround yourself with people who are right for you and create an environment that will nurture you and empower you.

2. Education Quality and Reasonable Living Costs

Education Quality and Reasonable Living Costs
Source: arcadia.edu

Luckily, all over the world, many universities offer programs in English. Public universities in Germany often have very low or no tuition fees for international students, as well as moderate living costs. Tuition fees in the Netherlands can be higher, but there are scholarships available.

Public universities in Norway offer tuition-free education for all students, including international ones. But be sure to check the most recent information on tuition fees and living costs, as these can change over time.

3. Grants, Scholarships, and Other Programs

There are countless options available for students worldwide. For example, Erasmus+ is a flagship EU program for education, training, and sport. It offers scholarships for students to study or volunteer abroad within the EU and in some partner countries.

Besides, lots of universities all over the world offer grants for international students, such as the DAAD’s scholarships in Germany. It includes various programs for different academic levels and fields, so all you need is to choose and go for it!

4. Traveling

Traveling as a student
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One can say, “Who cares, where I live, I’d still have to do my homework, staying busy with my studies most of the time”, but it’s not true. Well, not entirely. Of course, studying will take a lot of your time, but beyond the classroom, studying abroad often involves traveling to nearby countries, providing a unique chance to explore different cultures and places. Weekend excursions and holiday travels offer adventures that become an integral part of the overall experience, contributing to a treasure trove of long-lasting memories.

5. Career Opportunities

Many multinational corporations actively seek employees with international experience. Working for a global company or organization is like a crash course in adapting to everything. It often involves collaboration with colleagues from different backgrounds, fostering a truly global perspective and expanding professional networks on an international scale.

Educational institutions and research centers worldwide offer opportunities for academics and researchers to contribute to cutting-edge projects and collaborate with experts in their field. This can be particularly appealing for those seeking to combine professional growth with academic pursuits.

6. Prospects

Finding the place with the best opportunities in your field is important. It’s no secret that some countries invest much more in particular fields than many others and can offer a much better academic program, sometimes even for a lower price.

For example, Swiss universities are renowned for their excellence in physics education and research. For those pursuing a career in Physics, studying in Switzerland would open a whole new world of unique opportunities.

Meanwhile, British actors are absolutely brilliant, thanks to their acting schools, which are considered to be the best in the world. And Paris is the home to many fashion houses every fashion enthusiast would love to work for. Why sigh over lookbooks on yourartpages.com when you can witness the best top models wearing haute couture at Paris Fashion Week?

7. New Languages

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Looking for ways to boost your language game? Easy. Going somewhere where they speak your target language is the key to leveling up your language skills. It’s not just about acing the academic stuff. It’s about slaying it in everyday conversation, too. Immersion is your golden ticket to becoming a language ninja – academically and in real-life situations.

8. Better CV

When you study abroad, it’s not just about hitting the books in a different country. It’s a huge upgrade for your resume. You get to show off stuff like how you can roll with the punches, groove with different cultures, and take on challenges like a champ.

And you know what? That makes you stand out, not just for jobs but also for grad school. It’s like you’re bringing this global perspective and teamwork wizardry that employers value so much. So, yeah, studying abroad isn’t just about getting grades. It’s about becoming a candidate that everyone wants on their team.

9. Internships

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Big players based all over the world, from massive corporations to NGOs, are all about offering internships to students, foreign or not. For instance, London is like the jackpot for internships. It’s buzzing with opportunities in finance, fashion, media, and the arts. You name

it, they’ve got it. In Germany, if you’re into engineering and tech, the internship scene is pretty sweet, too. Think Siemens and Volkswagen – yeah, those big names. Then there’s Toronto and Vancouver; they’re like internship wonderlands.

Finance, tech, healthcare, natural resources – you’ve got choices. And Paris, ooh la la! It’s not just about croissants and the Eiffel Tower; it’s a global hub for fashion, gastronomy, arts, and finance internships waiting for you.

10. Personal Growth

Studing aboard can help your Personal Growth
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Embarking on an adventure to live in a different country is like unlocking a whole world of experiences that textbooks and classrooms can’t quite capture. Studying abroad is more than just hitting the books, it requires efficient time organization for successful results.

Living among the locals gives you this up-close view of their customs, traditions, and daily grind, and it’s like a crash course in seeing the world from a global angle. You end up adapting to new things, and it’s this eye-opener that challenges what you thought you knew, making your perspective way broader.

You’re not the same person when you finally head home after soaking it all in. It’s not just about acing exams. It’s about coming back with a deeper understanding of how things roll worldwide.

You pick up qualities like empathy, an open mind, and this newfound love for diversity. So, studying abroad isn’t your typical academic journey. It’s an all-encompassing adventure that turns you into a more adaptable and culturally aware human.