3D Printed “Puno” Fist Lamp by Das Happy Medium

Austrian design studio Das Happy Medium presents “Puno,” its latest creation, in the form of a 3D printed table and/or wall lamp with lots of character. The lamp is a polygonal structure of a hand that meets the straightness of a fluorescent tube light, which stands triumphantly on a surface or hangs organically on a wall. The name of the … Read more

World’s First 3D-Printed Office Building Opens In Dubai

Dubai – a non-stranger to record-breaking, has unveiled the first ever fully-functional 3D-printed office building. Aptly dubbed “Office of the Future,” the building which is located in the heart of Emirates Towers, took just 17 days to print and two days to install on site. The building was constructed using a special mixture of cement as … Read more

The World’s First 3D-Printed Motorcycle Defeats the Whole Purpose of 3D Printing

Airbus Group subsidiary APWorks, has taken the wraps off its latest development, a 3D-printed electric motorbike which uses Schalmalloy, a custom aluminium alloy that is resistant to corrosion and nearly as strong as titanium. Dubbed the “Light Rider,” the motorcycle weighs just 35 kg – 30% lighter than most e-motorcycle, and it is powered by a 6 KW electric engine that allows it accelerate from 0 to 45km/h in three seconds. The battery is exchangeable and offers 60 km over the course of one charge.

By utilizing a “selective 3D laser printing system,” APWorks was able to mold melted minuscule aluminum alloy particles together to in turn create the web-like frame. The company is marketing the Light Rider as the world’s first 3D-printed motorcycle, and just 50 units will be produced. Pre-orders are available now, for a whopping €50,000 EUR each, which in reality doesn’t make any sense, because 3D printers are supposed to make production cost cheaper than the traditional. Anyhow, you can place your pre-order here with a €2,000 EUR deposit.

Under Armour Debuts Its Limited Edition 3D-Printed Sneaker

Under Armour is the latest sportswear company to take advantage of the 3D printing technology. Following the likes of adidas and New Balance, we now get to see the Baltimore-based brand’s take with the release of the UA Architech trainer. The shoe is a performance trainer which boasts a functional 3D printed midsole, 3D Clutchfit auxetic upper and a caged … Read more

‘Inception’-Inspired “Wave City” Dining Table by Stelios Mousarris

Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris was motivated by the concept of Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film Inception, so he invoked his imagination to create the “Wave City” Dining Table. Spanning 250 cm in length, 76 cm in height and 150 cm in width, the dining table is constructed out of wood, steel and 3D components, and is Mousarris’ own interpretation of the … Read more

Divergent Microfactories Unveils World’s First 3D-Printed Supercar

In a bid to decrease pollution, materials and costs, San Francisco-based engineering studio Divergent Microfactories has come up with a 3D printing manufacturing method for vehicles. Introducing their new creation – the world’s first 3D-printed supercar, Blade. 3D-printed aluminum joints connect pieces of carbon fiber tubing to create the chassis, a process which is environmental-friendly due to the reduced energy usage during manufacture, and also makes the … Read more

A Comprehensive Introduction to Modern Laser Machines and Their Capabilities

Modern laser machines are capable of performing a variety of tasks with incredible accuracy and precision. From cutting intricate patterns to welding materials together, these machines can be used in many applications across various industries. This article provides an in-depth introduction to modern laser machines and their capabilities, exploring how they work and the unique … Read more