How to Make Video Wedding Invitations and Impress Everyone

Have you ever thought of videos as captivating, unique wedding invitations? Do you wish to create a video wedding invitation because they are in trend? Or because they are more expressive than the traditional printed ones? For any and obvious reasons, we understand that you wish your wedding invitation to appear different, just like the other things you’ve got planned for the big day.

Keeping this in mind, for sure, you’ve searched for the many wedding invitation makers and maybe tried some of them as well. Yet, you are looking for more concrete ideas on how to make an impressive video invitation. But look no further! We have curated the perfect guide for you to make the best of wedding invitations.

How to make a video wedding invitation

1. Click and choose the best

A video, in general, is a collection of quality photos and mini videos or clips put together to convey a message. Before proceeding with your video invitation, ensure that you have the best collection of images and clips to be used.

You can also consider getting a professional photoshoot and get yourself a new and wonderful collection of photos. Not only will this help you in adding fresh photos to your invitation, but you’ll also be making some pretty memories in the process as well. Once they are ready, select the ones you think are the best for your big day.


2. Consider editing

While the images and clips you have shortlisted are precious, you are planning to show them to your entire guest list. Consider this as an integral part of making an impressive wedding video invitation. After all, you are aiming to present the best one to ensure they share your special day with you.

Make sure you get the necessary edits done, fix the lighting, remove unnecessary objects and highlight only the meaningful parts. You can use any of the free editing software and do it by yourself. Given the extensive need for videos these days, especially invitations, many applications with easy interfaces and useful features are available for download. You can also hire a professional and get it done quickly and professionally.

3. Utilise online tools

In order to come up with the perfect video invitation, you’ll evidently have to incur some expenses. But they can also be kept at the minimum with online wedding invitation video maker tool. Some of the top-rated tools include; Adobe Cloud express, Animaker, Powtoon and Fastreel.

Each of these online software includes the necessary features to add templates, images, stickers, music and also animation effects. You can also utilise the power of animated cartoons and the beautiful transitions offered by them. With these video makers, not only can you keep it under the budget but also make your wedding invitation stand out.


4. Introduce the guest of honour

However large our circle may be, there is always someone who evokes deeper sentiments.

So, if it happens that you do have a special guest you wish to highlight on your wedding day, it is a nice gesture to let them know how much their presence means to you.

5. Choose an impressive style

Numerous templates and sequences in wedding videos are available to create a mesmerising flow. Pick the one that impresses you the most, since everything you have done so far is about fitting in this flow and conveying your emotions to the guests.

This part can also help you bring out your creative best while preparing your invitation. Try out the dozens of effects, filters, soundtracks and sequence of images and clips to be inserted. Brainstorm with family or a skilled wedding invitation maker and get it done right.


6. Resonate it with a theme

You are quite likely to have decided on a theme for your wedding day. Along similar lines, you can also pick a theme for your wedding invitation. While themajority of the couples decide to resonate with the themes of the wedding day and invitation, there are no hard rules. If you wish to surprise your guests, now is your chance.

It is also important to select a theme and stick to it until the invitation is done. Working with a central idea will help you make better use of the effects and the images. You can choose to convey a love story, or you can choose to spotlight the hosts and venue. You can also try and use stop-motion, create a Vlog or even make the video humorous.

7. Share the wedding details

This is where you bring in the text and share the details. You can start with a simple text such as “You’re invited,” or “Celebrate with us the occasion ” or you can create a catchy opening of your own.

However, the essence of the details section lies in the date, time and venue. Make sure you provide the specifications on all three. Do try out different fonts, backgrounds or a simple song change to catch the attention of your guests.

The page carrying information on the date, venue and time must get at least five seconds of on-screen time. This will ensure your guests go through the crucial details correctly and be there as planned.


8. Invite them with a smile

Last, ensure to add an element in the video invitation that invokes a smile. The endnote could be a funny image, a humorous quotation, or a moment of happiness shared by the majority of the invited guests. Anything that makes them happy, apart from the fact that you are getting married, and your entire guest list can share your joy.


Congratulations on getting the perfect video invitation done. With these tips and ideas, you are bound to make an outstanding and impressive visual invite. If you happen to have come up with a creative or novel idea, do share it with us. We would love to know about it, and we would also like to hear from you on how well your invitation was received and what worked for you. Above all, the wedding invitation must remain memorable for yourself and your guests.