Café Racer Dreams Custom-Built BMW R100 Boxer

Spanish workshop Café Racer Dreams (CRD) has unveiled a new custom design of the 1984 BMW R100 Boxer. Giving up the Boxer’s original subframe for a single seat configuration and bulkier, more powerful hardware, the elegant new design draws cues from the interpreted aesthetic of a 1972 Puch Minicross design. Designers Pedro García and Efraon Triana have fitted the custom motorcycle with the forks and brake disc of a 1994 BMW F650 as well as a vintage white, red and blue petrol hub. The engine, shock absorbers and exhaust have been made visible due to the motorcycle’s open build approach. For off-road influences, high traction tires have been added, and indicative lighting has been embedded into each respective side of the motorcycle’s handle bars with a red neon strip which draws attention to the rear seat panel. Proceed to their website for more information, and more of their projects.