Pharrell’s Miami Penthouse is Back On the Market for $10.9 Million USD

After a couple of years on the market and several price slash, Pharrell William’s Miami penthouse is back on the market. The 9,000 square-foot residence which is located at the top of the Bristol Tower in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, includes an open cathedral-like living room, a second-floor loft space, spiral staircase, library, private screening room, … Read more

Dupli Casa by J. Mayer H.

German architects J. Mayer H. have created a geometrical villa dubbed “Dupli Casa,” which is situated near Ludwigsburg in Germany. The villa was originally built in 1984 and has been transformed into a futuristic space with many extensions and modifications. A sophisticated connection between the interior and exterior creates a flow from the living area spilling out into the garden, also offering a … Read more

Surreal Photography By Bobby Becker

Nashville-based photographer Bobby Becker, captures strange and surreal imagery. He has put together some unique photographs for his personal portfolio, utilizing straight angles and 1:1 ratio sizes. Through these works of art of Bobby Becker, human interaction, discovery, and self-reflection are interpreted. See more of his works at his official flickr page.

Vibrant Canvas Sculptures by Stallman Studio

Stallman Studio, made up of Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman, showcases their creative works. They’ve made use of colored tissue papers in a wavy pattern, brilliantly arranged inside frames, and the end result is an arabesque look, that when viewed from afar gives an impression of relief maps with varying intensity. Head over to Stallman Studio’s website, where these beautiful works … Read more

Cleon Peterson Presents “POISON” Exhibition

Los Angeles-based artist Cleon Peterson is showcasing his latest works at Detroit’s contemporary art gallery, Library Street Collective. Just like his previous works, his latest project titled “POISON,” portrays a strong sense of violence, through graphic monochromatic acrylic-on-canvas pieces and porcelain sculptures. “POISON” focuses on revenge. “It’s often a motivation for war and justification for punishment; it’s a social impulse … Read more

Discover the World of Abstract: A Journey with Paint by Numbers

Discover the World of Abstract - A Journey with Paint by Numbers

For many, the world of abstract DIY art can feel a bit intimidating. Abstract art is free, unbounded, and often seen as mysterious. However, diving into this creative realm becomes simpler and more approachable with painting by numbers. Let’s take a journey to uncover its secrets. At its heart, painting by numbers offers a structured … Read more

KA House in Thailand by IDIN Architects

Built by IDIN Architects, KA House which is located in the Pak Chong district of Thailand, beautifully integrates a brilliant design into a natural environment. The inclining fence guides the panorama from the outside to the inside. Simultaneously, while walking through the entrance, the space gradually reveals the space of the inner courtyard and the building. The two-story house is wrapped by triangular … Read more

The Olympic Torch for Rio 2016 Games Unveiled

The Olympic committee has just unveiled the winning design for the Rio 2016 games, from its open invitation in which 76 Brazilian agencies participated. Created by Sao Paolo-based firm Chelles & Hayashi, the design is meant to highlight the warm spirit of the people of Brazil. The segmented body expands, and reveals the integral colors of Brazil … Read more