HOUSE OF HOLLAND High Summer 2015 Eyewear Collection

House of Holland builds on its high impact eyewear range for second summer with a loud new disco themed collection and the exciting addition of men’s shades. The collection boasts eight new styles and a variety of iconoclastic designs that ring true to House of Holland’s cheeky and unconventional aesthetic.


Highlight styles include the “Crowning Glory,” which boasts oversized rims and wavy detail for an off-kilter take on the classic round frame. A coating of green-blue ‘beetle glitter’ or red-gold ‘bloody mary glitter’ makes Crowning Glory a show-stopper.


The “Bottle Bottoms” style is an early-90’s inspired round frame, given lens rims so thick they’re usually reserved for industrial goggles. The final highlight style is the “Blockhead,” which is the perfect framework for Henry Holland’s unabashed irreverence, and draws inspiration from his inaugural menswear collection with frame options in navy, maroon or army green.


Head over to House of Holland’s website to peruse the new collection which is now available for purchase on the site, as well as via select stockists.