Rehab: Myths VS Facts

Anxiety and depression are common issues among the masses in today’s busy world. As they try to escape from the fast-paced society, they become victims of substance abuse. In the past, people wrongfully thought that mental illnesses and drug abuse could never be treated. With more attention to mental health issues and addiction struggles, many treatment options are now available. One such option is the rehabilitation process.

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the process or program designed to save people from addiction to alcohol or drugs. This process helps the victim to restore his mental, physical and socioeconomic health. With Intense willpower and proper rehabilitation, resources can eradicate many mental health and substance abuse struggles. Rehabilitation process can be extremely difficult for the person, so she/he needs to have a lot of support from his beloved ones.

Rehabilitation Centers and Programs:

The purpose of rehabilitation centers and programs is to ensure the general welfare of victims of this problem and bring these people back to everyday lives, so they are not treated as outcasts for the rest of their lives. Patients are provided with substance abuse and drug addiction treatment in a supervised environment. Rehab programs are comprehensive processes that involve rehabilitating individuals on their previous life-threatening activities.

According to a test in 2019 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 11.5 percent of adults struggled with drug addiction. This alarming number showed the need to focus more on utilizing the available mental health resources. However, despite significant stigmatization in mental health, rehab remains a taboo topic, and many myths surround it. So, let’s discuss them.

Myth: Rehab does not work.

Fact:  Some Rehabilitation programs prove this myth is false. One of them is Tons of people enjoy addiction-free and healthy lives after rehab. Do not listen to the rumors. Rehab is not like a magic bullet that can create a miracle that will cure you instantly. You must work hard and, with sheer force of will, get rid of your addiction. Therapists and their tools are there to help you and support you in your journey of healing yourself. Make an informed decision for your recovery. Always know that the road to recovery is smoother since many people are rooting for you.

Myth: There is no rehab for drugs other than heroin.

Fact: This is not the case at all. Rehab is available for every kind of substance abuse as well as addiction. People with any addiction do not have to worry at all about not being able to get treatment.

Myth: Rehab is impossibly expensive.

Fact:  It is accessible and affordable for all those who wish to restore themselves to their original health. Many addiction programs accept insurance and feature a reasonable pricing structure. Other than that, individualized payment procedures and sponsorships can also cover your treatment’s cost. You should be aware that you cannot afford to be outside the rehab if you face substance abuse problems.

Myth: Rehab is not a long-term solution.

Fact: Rehab is an entirely optimized program made especially for you and to help you overcome your addiction. It is a long-term solution if you stick and dedicate yourself to it. Take that first step you are hesitant to take and visit your nearest rehabilitation center to improve your life.

Myth: You can get fired for going to rehab.

Fact: Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, if you are working for local or state government or a private company that has at least 15 employees, you cannot be fired for going to rehab. You are protected by the law and are accountable for your health if you consider going to rehab a taboo to save your job. It is okay for you to go to rehab.

Myth: You have to be religious to go to rehab.

Fact: Religion does not have much to do with rehab; you should just be willing to ask for help. People from every faith or no faith at all can benefit from rehabilitation programs. These programs focus on revitalizing the victims and rejuvenating their lives. Many Recovery programs available use science and technology and rely little on spiritual methods. These programs are open to everyone, regardless of their beliefs.

Myth: You have to hit rock bottom before going to rehab.

Fact: There is no specified milestone that you must have to reach before you start seeking addiction treatment. If you know something is wrong with your life, why would you wait for the situation to worsen? Take a leap of faith and start today. The sooner you begin the road to recovery, the sooner you can return to your everyday life.

Myth: Rehab is like a jail

Fact: Rehab is not a jail where you are punished for your crimes. It is a place where you are given a second chance at life. Reformed addicts can confirm how rehab reshaped their lives and allowed them to become an integral part of society again.

Final Thoughts

Enlightening others on an existing problem means that you stand for something. Please help those struggling with addiction to go to rehabilitation centers so they are given a chance for redemption. Do not be scared of fighting for the right cause and support the victims because they really need your support as they are at the lowest point of their life.