Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2016 Sunglasses Editorial by Union Los Angeles

For Thom Browne’s latest Spring/Summer 2016 delivery of sunglasses, high-end clothing boutique Union Los Angeles has decided to provide us with a better look, with a new editorial. The editorial showcases the sunglasses on-face, and each style boasts contemporary designs, with gold-plated metal frames, paired with clean, mirrored lenses. The trio of the styles and more, are now available … Read more

Thom Browne Black Nubuck Tricolore Derby Shoes

Thom Browne has released a new pair of derby shoes as part of its new collection. The shoe is made from a high-quality nubuck suede and leather, and it feature a tricolor stripe detailing in red, white and blue, embossed towards its front. The base is made from a stacked black leather, with a rubber insert option … Read more