The Madness From Yesterday’s Balmain x H&M Collection Release & The Aftermath


With the massive hype that surrounded the Balmain x H&M collection that launched yesterday, which promised the masses a more affordable price for Olivier Rousteing’s designs, well we won’t say we didn’t see this coming. The release prompted mass hysteria from a crowd of shoppers that we could actually describe as apocalyptic. From Dubai, to London, to Zagreb, H&M stores were taken over by shoppers willing to do anything for a chance to cop a piece from the highly anticipated collaboration, and below is a compilation of some of the wildest scenes.

According to a retail clerk in the H&M store at the Dubai Mall, security forces had to get involved, as shoppers including grown ups and supposedly respectable women and men were literally having a brawl over the highly coveted garments. Even though, Balmain and H&M chose to be sexist in terms limiting the Dubai release to only womenswear, this didn’t deter the male shoppers that were present, from the shopping frenzy.

The aftermath of the launch shows that many of the shoppers went through the struggle for the profit they’ll make from reselling the highly coveted items, and not necessarily because they planned to wear them. For example, the embroidered sequin jacket worn by Gigi Hadid in the collection’s campaign was sold for $5,000 USD on eBay, almost 10 times markup from its retail price of $549 USD. The embroidered velvet jacket for men is currently selling for $1,550 USD with an original retail price of $649 USD.

Without a doubt, this shows the lengths people are willing to go to in order to buy into the hype of the Balmain associated lifestyle.

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