Tesla’s New Cars Are Built to Withstand Military-Grade Bio-Attacks

Electric auto manufacturer Tesla has revealed that its new cars will be able to withstand a military-grade bio-attack, with the ability to purify fatally polluted air within two minutes. The “Bioweapon Defense Mode” will be built into the air filtration systems of its Model S and X vehicles, and filter out bacteria, allergens, and viruses. To prove that … Read more

Tesla Model S Gets a Facelift

Tesla Model S Gets a Facelift

Tesla took the wraps off its newly updated Model S, some hours back. The new design update sees the Model S grill completely removed and replaced by a new front-end that was first seen on the Model X. The second highlight of the update, is the car’s standard charger, which has been upgraded from 40 amps to 48 amps, ensuring faster charging than … Read more

Tesla Skyrockets Demand for Electric Cars With the Introduction of $35,000 USD Model 3

tesla model 3

Tesla introduced its highly anticipated Model 3 to the world on Thursday, despite the popularity of its high-end models. CEO Elon Musk repeatedly spoke about his desire to bring a more affordable electric vehicle to the market, and with the $35,000 USD Model 3, he has apparently achieved that goal. Tesla’s new kid on the block, boasts … Read more