Tesla Skyrockets Demand for Electric Cars With the Introduction of $35,000 USD Model 3

Tesla introduced its highly anticipated Model 3 to the world on Thursday, despite the popularity of its high-end models. CEO Elon Musk repeatedly spoke about his desire to bring a more affordable electric vehicle to the market, and with the $35,000 USD Model 3, he has apparently achieved that goal.

Tesla’s new kid on the block, boasts an impressive 215 miles of range, a 0 to 60 capability in just under six seconds, and a standard Supercharging feature for all price levels. Musk revealed that new features will be added to the car as we draw closer to its tentative release date in 2017.

Elon also confirmed today, that pre-orders have skyrocketed to 232,000, in just two days, so it’s safe to say Tesla has just amplified the awareness and demand for electric cars. You can try your luck with pre-ordering in-stores and online now, and watch the entire unveiling in the below video.