Yamaha 03Gen Scooter Concepts

Yamaha has revealed two concepts for its 03Gen Scooter. The concepts feature three wheels and a futuristic silhouette. According to Yamaha, the 03Gen-f touts a “racing” feel, and the concept is currently in its advanced stages. The second concept is the 03Gen-x, which is versatile, as it caters to both urban city riding, as well as off-road adventures. Below is a video … Read more

Rough Crafts Yamaha MT-07 “Onyx Blade”

Taipei custom motorcycle shop Rought Crafts introduces its take on the Yamaha MT-07, built to order for a resident of Taipei who wants an agile and fast machine to tackle the heavy traffic in the Taiwanese capital. Most of the bodywork have been replaced with more angular matte-black aluminum pieces. In addition this, the front … Read more