The World’s Highest-Paid Sports Teams


Without a doubt, soccer has been the world’s most popular sport for ages, among basketball, baseball, etc. Does it also mean that soccer is the world’s highest paid sport? Well, below is a list of the of the world’s 12 highest-paid sports teams which are actually soccer clubs. The French capital’s club, Paris Saint-German, takes the lead, earning an average of $174,692 USD per week. The first non-soccer team to make the list is the Los Angeles Dodgers, followed by the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Nets.

1. Paris Saint-German: $174,692 USD
2. Real Madrid: $166,180 USD
3. Manchester City: $165,343 USD
4. FC Barcelona: $155,452 USD
5. Los Angeles Dodgers: $154,292 USD
6. Machester United: $154,272 USD
7. Bayern Munich: $147,326 USD
8. Chelsea: $143,516 USD
9. New York Yankees: $140,566 USD
10. Arsenal: $133,658 USD
11. Brooklyn Nets: $120,181 USD
12. Detroit Tigers: 119,378 USD

Source: Sporting Intelligence