What Is The Uk Equivalent Of Las Vegas?

If you are looking for fun in the UK, including gambling, maybe you need to find some equivalent to Las Vegas. What does it mean?

We all have different opinions on what is a good casino, and how to have fun when traveling. So, according to many, the casino named Blackpool is what you are looking for, especially if you need a complete Las Vegas experience on the island.

If you plan to travel to the UK soon, then Blackpool should be your first choice. It’s based in Lancashire, and it’s one of the most popular English resorts. It’s an exceptional choice for those who love gambling but don’t feel like traveling to the USA.

In addition to wonderful experiences, you can also have a lot of time to relax in luxury resorts. And if you really can’t do without your favorite gambling activities, you can always rely on online services like https://www.casinoinquirer.com/online-roulette/.

What to know about Blackpool?


Many people who visited Blackpool say it’s one of the greatest gambling resorts to be.

For those who love rich nightlife and love a lot of entertainment, restaurants, clubs, and pubs, this may be the best choice. Of course, it is very important not to travel there on Monday, because that day is not a working day for the casino.

You can also use organized transportation, especially if you plan to drink alcohol and party late into the night. The professional staff will ensure that you always receive excellent service, no matter how many guests there are at the time.

Of course, there are those who are not satisfied with their experience, so we would say that maybe they had too high expectations, or there was an isolated incident in which they felt bad. But overall, Blackpool is perhaps the best equivalent of the Las Vegas experience in Europe.

Interesting facts about Blackpool


Many consider Blackpool to be the British version of Las Vegas, as it also features casinos, theme parks, and similar tourist attractions.

But did you know that there is a Blackpool Tower that looks like the Eiffel Tower? Maybe it’s just pure coincidence that there’s something like that in Las Vegas, too. In fact, it turns out that there are many ways in which Blackpool and Las Vegas are similar.

In addition, there is also a huge theater where you can watch traditional plays, ballet, comedy, dance, opera, and other entertainment. If you go to Blackpool. then don’t forget to visit the big theater.

If you happen to have children with you, we recommend you visit Sandcastle Waterpark, for which we recommend buying a day ticket. There you will find wonderful water content, and believe us when we tell you that the fun is great for adults too. As a bonus, go down the slide that is over 250 meters long. We guarantee you’ll want to do it several times.

However, if you prefer a beach where there are over 40 different attractions, then Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the place for you. It can be said that this is the most visited amusement park in all of Europe, but also in the whole world.

And if you like zoos, don’t worry, Blackpool has a huge ZOO with over 1,500 animals from all over the world. There is also a children’s farm, where children can play with tame animals.

Perhaps one of the most interesting attractions is the electric tram, which tourists adore. And what is most interesting, this tram has been moving in the same location since 1885.

And now, let’s move on to the real fun.

If you are a fan of gambling, we recommend Paris Casino. The employees are friendly and professional, and the selection of games is larger than anywhere else in the world. If you are a fan of Las Vegas and the experience you have there, we can tell you that in Blackpool it is all multiplied by 10, and certainly at a much more affordable price.

Want even more fun?

Don’t worry, you can enjoy a thrilling horror experience at Blackpool Tower Dungeon. The special effects are really scary, so be careful if you’re sensitive.

And the nightlife?

Well, if we start talking about him, we will surely never be able to say enough things. Our recommendation is to experience this wonderful experience at least once in your life, even if you don’t manage to visit all the attractions.

What are visitors saying?


On the Internet, you can find many interesting reviews about how visitors spent their time in Blackpool. Most of them had a wonderful time, but they returned several times to visit the beautiful place.

Many of them traveled with their children, which is a really brave step, but the advantage is that the resort offers entertainment for all visitors. It is interesting that there are people who go to Blackpool several times a year.

On the other hand, the locals are often very bored due to the influx of tourists and the inability to live peacefully. But the casino resort makes a significant contribution to the economy of the city, so it can be said that in this case, it is important to make a compromise.


Casino tourism is a concept of tourism that has not yet fully taken off and realized its full potential. It is a branch of tourism that would provide tourists with the opportunity to enjoy playing casino games of various types during their visit to one of the attractive locations.

Blackpool is one of the places in the world that provide this type of entertainment to visitors. So, we can say they indeed know what they do, and what they want to accomplish.

And you, better find a way to book your next trip there. You will be surprised by the entertaining content, and the way hosts behave with the guests. We must say it’s an experience worth the money and effort. And who knows, maybe you will win big, and get back home rich.