What Are Your Odds of Winning a Blackjack Hand?

Doing your favorite activities in life and spending time on hobbies that fulfil you with positive energy is something that should never really stop. It is important for all of us to always have something to turn to when we are bored or when we have a few hours to ourselves. Finding that thing that makes you happy is crucial because it is often the only thing during a regular day that is utterly positive with no bad sides. School, work, and other obligations or responsibilities usually make us preoccupied and miserable and by the end of the week we want nothing more than to rest and get ready for another week of suffering. When you have a fun activity to fall back on, every day can be fun.

The Fun of Gambling

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One of such activities has been around for generations. For centuries, people found new and exciting ways to spend time together and play fun games that have a special element to them, wagering money on a certain outcome. This is of course known as gambling and in the modern times it has become a legitimate industry like no other. It is a form of contemporary entertainment and thanks to the internet and the virtual world we have online, gambling has grown beyond recognition. Traditional casinos are still popular but the web is where most fun is had at the moment. The best thing of all is the fact that the good old games everyone knows and loves are still the most played ones. One of these is the star of this article, none other than blackjack.

Good Old Blackjack

Together with poker, roulette, and slot machines, blackjack rounds up the most favorite quartet of games every to grace the floors of casinos. Blackjack is a very fun and popular game, and a unique one at that in terms of card games since you play against the dealer, not other players. However, does it make sense for it to be your go-to game when you want to win money and be a successful gambler? Sure, it is a widespread game that everyone knows and has heard of, but do the rules allow the players to win more than they lose? Most importantly, are the odds in your favor and what are the chances of winning a blackjack hand? To these and other questions we give answers and explanations right here in this article.

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What are the Odds?

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Blackjack is a great game because it has a plethora of strategies you can employ to increase your chances at winning some money. You can even collaborate with other players at the table and beat the dealer together. However, you first have to study these tactics and know what needs to take place before you can start using them. Also, you need to understand what the general premise is when it comes to your true odds at walking away richer than you sat down.

Overall, it is said that a player will lose a hand a more than half the time, meaning the chances of winning a hand are lower than 50%. The main reason for this is simple and it is a part of the core set of blackjack rules. If both you and the dealer bust, you as the player still lose. The actual probability of winning a hand in this card game is around 42.22%. This is still high when it comes to any type of gambling especially if you sit down for a few hours and paly many hands. You will definitely have some wins in there, but the losses will continue coming until you get better at the game, and luckier.

More About Odds and Chances

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The above mentioned number is not everything you need to know about your odds and how often you will win a hand. There are many other statistics you should familiarize yourself with, like for example the odds of busting on each hand. From 12 to 20 there is a steadily rising chance of a bust that you should keep somewhere in your head so that you can use it in your sessions. For 12 it is 31%, for 13 it is 39%, and for 14 it is 56%. This is a rather high jump, after which things slow down a bit 15 having a 58% chance of busting and 16 being at 62%. With 17 it is still close at 69% with another big jump coming at 18 with 77%. Finally, to round things up, 19 and 20 have 85% and 92%, respectively. From this you can see that having a 15 or a 16 is basically the same as you lose two thirds of the time.

You should also know the odds of blackjack two-card combos. For example, natural blackjack occurs only 4.8% of the time. Hard 17-20 has a much higher frequency at 30%, with the largest being 2-16 with about 38.7%. Lastly, any total that comes lower than 11 happens 26.5% of time. What this chart tells you is that you should really be hitting some 65% of time, or less than two thirds of all hands that occur. You should also know that the dealer has a 28.37% chance to bust on a final hand, somewhat less than a third.

Blackjack is a game where the house edge is low, but beating it takes luck and knowing how or when to quit while ahead. The key is being ahead of the house and then stopping, else you will fall back again and lose all the progress. The house does not always win and the dealer will bust on around 30% of all of their hands. Using all the info you have is prevalent in winning and therefore saving your money. All these percentages may seem meaningless and boring, but they matter if you want to increase your odds and get better at the game you enjoy playing.