What Happens if You and the Dealer Get 21 in Blackjack?

Do you know which one is the most amazing casino game ever? Blackjack! It’s simple. This attracts gamers. Rules are easy to comprehend, and everyone wants a go. Why? Well, with everything surrounding it, at the end of the day, it’s a game of numbers. Do you remember all of those casino movies, when counting cards is an issue? They’re mostly tied to blackjack. Of course, it’s forbidden to do it, and casinos hate it, but a little bit of math can aid you.

Are you a fan of this game? It’s hard to believe that you aren’t, considering that you’re reading this article. The case might be that you’re just entering the domain of this beautiful game, so asking questions from our title, are quite usual. When at the table you can face other players too, but in the majority of cases, and payers love it that way, it’s a game of you vs. the dealer. He is not your enemy, but it’s a person you must overcome to exit the table victorious.

The best case scenario to win is to reach 21 before the dealer or to have a number higher than him when the last card is drawn. It’s a game of risk. You or he can pull a card when you’re at 19, but the risk of reaching out of 21 is just too high at that moment. Don’t be a wild card. Of course, the automatic loss comes after drawing a card that puts you over 21. If you’re just getting a grasp of what this game is and how it’s played you’re better off having a few hands drawn at CasinoMIRA before you switch to higher stakes.

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Before reaching the summit of this game, of course, you need to know a few things about it. As we said, we are here to talk about one scenario, which is unlikely, but it can happen to anyone. We are arguing that the situation when the two parties are lucky or unlucky enough to both draw 21 is not often the case. This is a frustrating situation and is seen as losing a game you already won or grasping a draw from the jaws of defeat. Let’s talk about it in length below.

When Players and the Dealer Gets 21 in Blackjack

A stalemate. The named situation happens. It’s not often but it can happen to anyone. Considering that it’s an occurrence in BJ a term for it exists- a blackjack tie. Also, you might hear of it under the name blackjack push. When this situation happens, everyone has the same value in their hands. It’s sometimes when both have 21 but it can happen at any other value if no party is prepared for the next draw. In this scenario, the initial wager belongs to the player. Your hand is what makes a blackjack push happen and the entire round is voided due to it.

As far as the dealer is concerned the ideal number is 17. Dealers will stop drawing cards once they’re at 17. If they reach higher and reach any number between 17 and 21 they’re good to go against anything you can draw. If they are standing below the magic number of 17 they are obliged to draw another hand. So, once they’re over it it’s a win or a bust. Similar to what Cleveland Browns did with Deshaun Watson. When the dealer is standing, all that’s left is to have a bigger amount than him. If you go over 21 it’s a bust and you lose. If you draw the same amount, it’s a tie. When push happens your wager is returned, the round is voided and there are no winners or losers in this scenario.

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As we said, this scenario happens but it’s not likely you’ll be encountering it that often. The chances are one in 461 for this to happen when you’re drawing from a 6-deck table. This translates to an 8% chance of it happening based on all of the hands you’ll play. In the end, it will happen more often the more you play, but still, it’s not that likely to happen each day you decide to draw a few rounds against a dealer. It’s a situation that sometimes benefits you, and sometimes the dealer, all depending on who draws 21 first. Because of this, it can be quite a frustrating to find yourself in this situation. As most of us gamblers know, a tie is neither a win nor a loss, which makes it so much irrelevant in a game where a win is the only desirable outcome.

Winning Naturally

The easiest way to beat a tie is to win naturally. What does this mean? As you know, the goal in blackjack is to reach 21 and beat the opponent that way. Exceeding the magical number means losing. What’s important when playing, especially when you’re a beginner is the value of every card. Jack, Queen, and King are counted as 10. Other cards represent their face value. The one exception to the rule is an Ace which is seen as a 1 and 11. For a player, this is great news.

Drawing a ten-card paired with an Ace allows you to reach what’s called a natural blackjack. When this happens a player is at a huge advantage. Why? Well, at most blackjack tables this is seen as an immediate win that pays out at 3:2 or 6:5 and no further cards are drawn by the dealer. An automatic win to put it that way. If you draw a natural 21, there’s no need to double down, stand, or hit, and there’s no chance of a push. The player with a natural blackjack is a winner, but if there are more players at the table, they’ll lose to the dealer if they don’t have the same cards which are hard likely to happen. But, in any case, a natural win is much better than a tie if you ask us.

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