Real Money Online Games 2024

Saying that video games have come a long way since their inception in the 1950s would be a massive understatement. Most millennials grew up with their parents telling them that gaming wastes time. Thanks to technology, modern marketing schemes, and novel business avenues. Playing games has become a viable revenue stream, with different tiers regarding how much dough one can earn.

Naturally, professional gamers who are proficient in titles like CS: GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends can make money by competing in high-end tournaments, from sponsorships, online mentoring, etc. But for this article, the focus shall get placed on games that anyone can pick up and enjoy, earning some extra cash as a byproduct of a good time.

1. Blackout Bingo


Blackout Bingo is a SpinZoom Studio release that is a new online real money casino-like game available for iOS and Android gamers. It is one of the most legit gaming apps on the market that pays out cash rewards and ones in the form of merchandise. It has low entry fees and provides fast-paced bingo action. Frequent players can even grab physical rewards for their loyalty to it. Just know that it is not available for residents of all US states.

2. Online Casino Games

Multiple categories and sub-genres of online casino games can be found at highly rated platforms highlighted on review websites such as These casinos’ online real money apps feature table classics, modern slots, lottery-style products, virtual video poker machines, and provably fair games that can generate sizable chance-based wins. The best online casino real money hubs supply these won prizes in less than twenty-four hours to lucky gamblers.

3. Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash is a mobile app by WINR Games. It now has over ten million downloads on this platform, boasting an average rating of 4.35. Big Time Cash falls in the Get-Paid-To software category, and you can get cash from it by paying for some of its offered games, snagging tickets that can get used for participation in prize draws, or which you can convert to money. The draws in question can payout rewards worth several thousand dollars.

4. Brain Battle


Here is another WINR Games release based on the TV show of the same name. It delivers relaxing and simple games structured as math problems to its player pool. Solving each one leads to point accumulation, earning users tickets they can utilize to enter cash draws. The complexity of the presented problems varies, and you don’t have to be a math whizz to line your pockets here.

5. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube Single Play is a Tether Studios brainchild, boasting a modern version of the legendary solo card game. This iteration supplying cash prizes became downloadable in October 2020 on Google Play and the Apple Store, and it features a mix of classic solitaire gameplay and fun puzzle solving.

6. Pusher Mania

Coin pusher machines are devices usually found at carnivals and fairs. They do not get carried by gambling establishments because their prize generation process is not 100% random. Pusher Mania is a digital variation of the coin pusher concept developed by Shape Keeper, a Hong Kong company. It works virtually the same as a traditional coin pusher game with two tools that can help you earn money fast, shaking and walling. It offers four redemption options, three types of Amazon gift cards, and a PayPal one.

7. Pool Payday


Pool Payday is the perfect app for billiard enthusiasts. It has practice rounds where users can sharpen their skills for free, head-to-head competitions, and legit cash tournaments. When making qualifying deposits, players can get bonus cash offers like those at top online options for casino gaming entertainment. Also, those who attain a high level of expertise in this game can get Skillz Rewards tickets. These act as in-game currency and can get redeemed for physical merchandise. The primary downside of Pool Payday is that cash withdrawals through this app can take between four to six weeks, on average.

8. 21 Blitz

The fast three-minute gameplay of 21 Blitz makes it an ideal time killer. What is 21 Blitz? It is a blend of blackjack, the regular version hosted by old and new online real money casinos, and Solitaire. It is a mash-up of these two, where each round is a three-minute timed event. Money in this piece of dedicated mobile software gets earned in head-to-head contests and tournament gameplay. It is loads of fun for blackjack and Solitaire fans of any skill level, and if you play smart and don’t bust in rounds, that opens you up to seize a bonus in 21 Blitz.

9. Daring Descent

Daring Descent is a smartphone app that appeared on the World Wide Web in May 2018 but started to pick up steam in October 2024, following a substantial update. It only accepts players over fourteen who can create a Daring Descent account using their email address or Facebook login credentials. The gameplay here consists of making a bouncing ball run through gaps. Completing this task produces tickets proportional to the obtained score. These tickets get entered into a draw with a prize pool of $3,000. Users also get the option to snag tickets via referrals.

10. Dominoes Gold


Grey Square Games is a little-known mobile game developer from the US. Aside from Dominoes Gold, its only other released title is Gin Rummy Gold, catering to Indian smartphone and tablet gamers. In Dominoes Gold, gamers compete against each other in a variation of the classic board game with a novel twist en route to prizes like gift cards, cash, and physical items. This software runs on the Skillz platform, a network that connects players worldwide in gaming competitions. A typical Dominoes Gold match last seven minutes, and the required score to win it is one hundred. Extra points can get earned based on the point difference between the two competitors.