What Are Progressive Slot Games – 2024 Guide

Pokies are one of the most popular options in the gambling industry. We can find them in both land-based casinos and online gambling platforms. Even though there are games where skills and experience can make a bigger impact, the reason why this option is to popular is due to its simplicity. It can be a great way to spend your free time while playing some of these games on your phone. If you choose the right approach, there is also a great chance to win money.

Before you start spending your money on these games, there are some important things to know about the proper selection of websites and titles. One of the best methods is to rely on ratings and reviews from other players. Also, you can find professional reviews if you visit realmoneycasinoonline.ca.

There are different types of these games as well, such as retro titles, those with only five lines, ten lines, 25 lines, Megaways, and more. Another very important aspect that you have to be aware of is related to the probability of winning in each turn. It is determined by return rate and volatility. When the rate is higher, you will have better chance to get back at least what you invested in one turn. Also, when the volatility is higher, there is a higher chance that you will get some additional features.

In most cases, these games are completely random. However, there is an option where previous turns can make an impact and increase the value of main rewards. There are different versions of progressive games. We are going to analyze more about this type of pokies in the following article.

Main Features

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One of the main differences when compared to other options is that your previous turns are impacting the following ones. There are all kinds of systems that can be implemented. For example, there can be a rule in the progressive game where you will have to collect a certain amount of special symbols over time to get some additional feature.

Solar Queen is a great example of a simple progressive game. The point is to collect more special symbols in ten turns. On the turn ten, all symbols that you collected will turn into wild symbols and connect other that will appear in that turn.

There are other systems as well, like the one where special symbols will be collected into prize pool, and increase the chance of hitting a special feature or award. The great thing about these options is that you can choose any coin size.

There are Different Types

The first model is very rare these days because it is related to only one machine. When it comes to modern versions, they are all connected to the system, and all players that are playing a particular game have a chance to win the main prize.

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Moreover, there are different types of features present in these games. For example, it is quite common that there is a unique reward available only for your game, where playing for a longer time will increase the chance of hitting some smaller or medium rewards, and the global system that can be worth millions of dollars.

The rules can be different as well. There are titles where you can play with lowest coin size and still have a chance to win some huge award, while there are those models where you can be eligible for that only when playing at maximum coin size.

Should You Choose It Over Other Options?

Before you make a choice, be sure to check some factors that can affect your chance to win. For example, if you have a limited budget, and there is a rule where you can win more only while playing with the maximum coin size, it will be better to choose some other title. Also, be sure to check the volatility and return rate. It is recommended to choose only those titles with a rate of at least 90%.

If you are interested in spending more money, it can be a good idea to force the maximum coin size. Keep in mind that there are other ways to win a lot of money even if you don’t hit the main prize. For example, getting some special feature, or combining valuable symbols.

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One of the best versions is the model without specific rules about the coin size. The advantage is that you can choose a progressive approach, and significantly improve your chances of winning more money. Also, this is a great way to stay in the game for a longer time, which is crucial for this model.

The most important part is to choose the starting value. It should not be too high. For example, if you want to spend only $50, the best option is to start with 50 cents per turn. Furthermore, the key is to change the value over time according to your progress. In case that you are winning more often, and you passed the value of $60, increase the coin size to 60 cents. On the other side, if you drop to $40, lower the amount to 40 cents.

The Bottom Line

There are all kinds of features that makes this as one of the best options you can choose today. The best thing is that there are different prizes so that you have a great chance to win even if you don’t hit the main prize. For example, different levels of main prizes like minor, mini, major, and grand.

In the end, return rate and volatility are the still the most important features because even though there is a huge prize available, trying to reach it will require much more money and luck when there are no other additional prizes, and higher chance to at least bring back what you invested in each turn. Also, it is crucial to determine how much money you can spend here since these game are very interesting and addictive, and you can easily lose focus and spend more than you planned. Did you know that you can enjoy casino games without leaving your home? Check Luxury Casino Canada for more information.

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