Ways to Troubleshoot if Sparklight Is Not Working On Your Device

Sparklight is a hybrid optical fiber and copper coaxial cable-based internet service. The connection can be used for cable connectivity, to watch live TV, and to access the internet and cable on many devices like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

A coaxial cable uses copper wires to transmit data, and optical cables use light energy to transmit data. A coaxial and optical fiber hybrid uses both these technologies to provide reasonable bandwidth to the users.

However, with all internet providers, outrages happen occasionally, and when they do happen, the entire work plan needs to be rescheduled. In a data-driven world, people need high-speed internet that has low latency. If people want to know about the internet outrages of Sparklight and learn about some easy ways to fix them, they can visit this site.

The company provides services in more than twenty US states and has the highest density of customers in states like Texas, Idaho, and Iowa.

Reasons By The Connectivity Might Be Patchy

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There are several reasons that result in slow speed or no internet connectivity at all. Common causes include problems with the router, the device that receives and sends data to the individual networks. Again there can be issues with the range of the devices, that is, the distance between the router and each individual device. Sometimes the bandwidth that has been purchased might be insufficient to run multiple devices. There might also be issues with the firewall or the antivirus software that is installed on the devices.

Ways To Troubleshoot An Issue Of Patchy Internet

Being Mindful About Relocating The Device Or Router

When them internet service provides a router, they do so, keeping in mind a few factors, like the range of the wireless service. At times users might shift the location of either the router or any of the devices connected to the network. In the course of this relocation, if a hindrance like a wall happens to become a barrier between the router and the device, then the signal speed is very likely to get compromised.

It is always a good idea to maintain a clear line of sight between the router and the devices in the network. Hence if any relocation has happened, the first thing to do is to put the items back in their original position, and that may solve most of the issues.

Being Careful About Interruption With The Wireless Network

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At times installing a new appliance might also interfere with network speeds. Some appliances like microwave ovens and cordless mobile phones also emit waves of different frequencies.

At times the wavelengths of these appliances may interfere with the transmission of internet connectivity between the router and the devices. Thus, people should be cautious while placing new electrical appliances as there is a possibility of them interfering with network connectivity.

Maintaining a ten-foot distance between appliances like microwaves and network-connected devices like TV sets, laptops, etc., is advisable. Also, constructing new walls may cause interruptions. Hence the thickness of the wall needs to be in sync with the strength of the network and the location of network-connected devices.

Checking For Broken Or Disconnected Wires

It is evident that if some wires are not connected properly or are broken, the internet will not work. Hence before calling up the internet service provider, it is a good practice to check up on all the plugs and wire connections. People should ensure that all the necessary wires are correctly connected and that there are no breaks in the circuit.

Being Careful Before Installing Splitters

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Splitters help split the internet connection into two or more networks. At times a splitter might lower the internet speed. In the case of a two-way splitter, the output speed becomes half of the input speed. For instance, if the input speed is 100Mbps, the output speed will be 50Mbps. Hence, splitters might reduce the network speed and result in slow uploading and downloading speeds.

Removing Cache And Clearing Cookies

Caches store temporary files on the hard drive of a computer. It is much easier to retrieve if a file is stored on the hard drive. Cookies are tiny messages that websites send to the user. It is via these cookies that the websites can gather various information about the end user. Cookies accumulate on the computer over time. It is good practice to clear the cache and remove the cookies occasionally.

Removing cookies and clearing caches can significantly improve internet speeds. A simple way to know if cookies are the source of trouble is to go into incognito mode. The incognito mode removes cookies automatically.

Another thing to do is to remove Chrome browser extensions. Browser extensions make the user interface look a certain way, and they help manage cookies and block advertisements. Removing browser extensions can also improve the network speed.

Check If The Service Provider Blocks A Particular Website

At times the service provider might block access to some websites. These websites may be in violation of the Copyrights Act, or they may be displaying pornographic content that is banned in a particular country.

In this case, other websites open quickly, but a particular problematic website might not be accessible. If every other application and website is working fine, then one specific website might be blocked by the service provider in that area.

Checking The Firewalls And Antivirus Software

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Firewalls protect a private network, and antivirus software protects a laptop or computer on which it is installed. At times some websites are not allowed by the firewall or the antivirus software. The website might contain some material sensed as a potential threat, so they are blocked. Temporary disabling of the firewall or antivirus might help resolve the problem.


Sparklight has become a preferred choice for many as they have no long-term contracts. They provide good service at an affordable rate. Also, in case of any trouble, they have a 24X7 helpline where the team can help resolve various issues with the services.