6 Hairstyles Using Short Curly Wigs 

What if we told you that with short curly wigs, changing your hairstyle could be as effortless as changing your outfit? Imagine waking up one day with sleek, sophisticated curls and the next day, flaunting wild, untamed waves—no salon appointments needed! Here’s the deal: Rock different hairstyles throughout the week without committing to a single scissor snip with curly wigs.

Whether you are yearning for elegant ringlets, braided curls, or a chic bob, these short wigs with curls are the epitome of ‘do-it-all’ hair magic. So, let’s unveil 6 mind-blowing hairstyles you can effortlessly pull off with short curly wigs. Let’s dive in!

1. Classic Ringlets With Short Curly Wigs

Classic Ringlets With Short Curly Wigs
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Ever wondered how to rock those vintage glamor magazine ringlets with short curly wigs? Well, buckle up because the classic ringlets are first on our list of sensational hairstyles.

  • Start with a freshly washed short curly wig– a clean slate, clean curls!
  • Next, grab some styling mousse or curl-enhancing cream. Work that product through your wig, focusing on one-inch sections.
  • Now, here’s the secret sauce: wrap those sections around your finger and hold for a few seconds before releasing. Voilà! Gorgeous, defined curls in the making. Remember, no brushing!

Moreover, if you’re feeling a tad fancy, consider a chic side part for an added touch of sophistication. Or, simply let those gorgeous curls fall naturally for a playful, carefree look.

Finally, use a light mist of shine-enhancing hairspray to lock in that flawless, polished finish.

There you have it – the classic ringlets with short curly wigs, decoded and ready for you to rock with confidence and style.

2. Voluminous Afro Curls With Short Curly Wigs

Voluminous Afro Curls With Short Curly Wigs
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Moving forward, the second head-turning hairstyle we can achieve using short curly wigs are afro curls.

Afro curls celebrate the natural texture of curly hair wigs while owning that larger-than-life volume! It’s that breathtaking, bold ‘fro that demands attention while letting your personality shine through.

Therefore, the secret to voluminous Afro curls lies in maximizing your curly wig’s natural texture.

    • Gently fluff and tease your short, curly wig to coax those curls into expanding.
    • Use your fingertips to separate and lift the curls, encouraging them to reach their full volume potential. This teasing technique helps create that iconic ‘fro-like silhouette.
    • Once you have styled your afro curls, give them a gentle shake or fluff to loosen them a bit more.

The only thing left to do now is bask in the glory of voluminous Afro curls with short curly wigs!

3. Curly Bob Elegance With Short Curly Wigs

The next we have is curly bob elegance! When short curly wigs step into the limelight, bob hairstyles are one of the most talked about.

This style usually features slightly shorter back curls, gradually lengthening toward the front, framing the face with sophistication. It’s about finding that balance between structured and natural curls.

  • Start with running your fingers through the curls to define and separate them, helping to create a bouncy look.
  • Spritz a leave-in conditioner or water to refresh the curls and maintain their natural bounce and shine.
  • Use flexi-rods or twist-outs overnight to enhance the curls without applying heat, keeping your bob wig with curls healthy and gorgeous.

Short curly wigs with bob cuts are party animals – not literally, but they will party with you anywhere!

Brunch with pals? Check. Red carpet event (in your living room)? Double check! They are your trusty sidekick, ready to add that touch of class wherever you go.

So, indulge in the charm of the curly bob with your short curly wigs. It’s the perfect fusion of refined elegance and spirited charm, allowing you to showcase your timeless allure with every curl!

4. Side-Swept Bangs With Short Curly Wigs

Ah, the allure of side-swept bangs with short curly wigs featuring lace front cap construction! There’s something undeniably chic about a side-swept look – it’s that perfect blend of classic elegance and modern sass.

Short curly wigs with bangs frame your face beautifully while maintaining that charismatic vibe. Imagine those curls dancing gracefully to one side, framing your face with effortless charm and style.

Styling side-swept bangs with your short, curly wig is like creating a work of art!

  • Gently guide those bangs to the side, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the curls.
  • Use your fingers to shape and direct the bangs, giving your face a flattering frame.

The coolest part about side-swept bangs with short curly wigs? They are the perfect match for any occasion.

Whether you are chilling with friends or hitting up a fancy event, these bangs add a touch of style without overshadowing those fabulous curls. From a lazy Sunday brunch to a night out on the town, they are your versatile sidekick.

So, embrace those side-swept bangs with your short curly wig. They are that extra sprinkle of style that completes your look, framing your face with every curly, sassy move!

5. Twist Braids With Short Curly Wigs

Source: glaminati.com

Looking to jazz up that short length with a touch of flair and care? Hold onto your hats because the fifth hairstyle on our list is all about the mesmerizing fusion of twist braids with short curly wigs.

The art of intertwining those curly locks into beautiful twist braids adds a touch of sophistication and whimsy.

To achieve twist braids, you have options aplenty!

  • Start by applying a styling gel and dividing the curls into small sections into two equal parts.
  • Take one strand and cross it over the other, then alternate. Continue twisting the strands around each other until you reach the end and secure it with a hair tie.
  • Repeat the process for the remaining sections of hair, creating as many twists as you can to achieve the boho twist braids on short curly wigs!

The boho chic allure of braided curly human hair short wigs or synthetic wigs allows you to casually rock braids or dress them up for special occasions.

6. Half-Up, Half-Down Curls With Short Curly Wigs

Source: lovehairstyles.com

The last fabulous hairstyle on our list is the half-up, half-down curls that you can achieve with short curly wigs!

Picture this style as your go-to glam hack. It’s all about that effortless mix – half your hair up, half of it down.

And with short curly wigs? Oh, it’s a total game-changer! You get to flaunt those curly wig short curls while keeping it neat and chic.

  • Gather the top section of your wig and secure it with a hair clip – you can go for a cute bun, a ponytail, or even twist it up for added flair. Let those curls flow freely at the bottom, adding that touch of whimsy.

Rocking the half-up, half-down curls with your short curly wig? It’s not just about the look – it’s about the confidence it brings.

So, embrace the elegance of the half-up, half-down curls with your short, curly wig. It’s that perfect blend of chic and carefree, showing off your curls while adding a dash of graceful flair to your vibe!


As we wrap our journey, unveiling 6 stunning hairstyles using short curly wigs, it’s crystal clear that short wigs with curls are the MVPs of versatility.

So, whether you are vibing with the elegance of side-swept bangs or rocking the playful charm of bouncy curls, it’s not just about the hair – it’s about owning that style!

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