8 Tips for Using Art Prints To Decorate Any Room

It could be difficult to decide on wall art, as well as to browse through a lot of gorgeous and trendy options that are out on the market.

If you want to be sure your new furnishings go nicely with the existing decor, why not go all out? Artwork on the walls, when chosen and hung with care, has the power to revitalize a room and bring its various elements together. Here is what you can do and decorate your space.

8 tips for using art prints to decorate any room

1. The right color print makes a difference


A variety of colors is quite acceptable, but the colors should normally complement one another.

It’s not necessary to match your prints’ colors exactly to those of your furnishings.

Your choice of artwork and furniture should attempt to depict a color scheme that plays with darkness, brightness or a combination that suggests an element, such as the sea or perhaps the sunset. You can go for the entire color scheme throughout your home.

It’s a good idea to take the room’s purpose into account before choosing a design theme.

2. Authentic and you

Pick things that stand for an idea or interest you want to spread.

Do you like keeping up with the latest styles? Maybe you enjoy old-school and traditional looks?

Pick out pieces and motions that speak to who you are as a person, and that can be easy to incorporate in form of a picture on top of your wall.

Find something to hang around that you enjoy and that makes you happy.

Avoid making your art selections based on what’s popular on Pinterest.

3. Consider a mural

Get creative while selecting pieces of art for interior decor.

A wall mural that spans the entire room can make a wonderful backdrop for your living space and give you the chance to make a bold statement.

You might commission a hand-painted mural or pick one of the many pre-printed wallpapers that showcase creative recreations of well-known works of art. If you do opt for a large mural make sure to choose furnishings with simple, straightforward silhouettes to draw attention away from the detailed artwork.

4. Put it everywhere


It’s easy to overlook the potential impact of art in certain spaces, yet it may have a big effect in many places around the house.

The walls of your dining room and living room aren’t the only appropriate places for artwork. This is why and where you can get wild!

Any of the following: a washroom, a pantry, a laundry room, your staircase, or even your balcony will all appreciate a bit of wall art. Why not place artwork on top of bookcases as well? Just don’t let it look tacky. Other than that, everything is allowed.

5. Focal points


When displaying art, you don’t have to stick to just one artistic trend.

Consider choosing objects that are related to the same subject but have unique designs or color schemes.

For instance, you may buy art prints of beach and ocean themes and put each one on a different wall.

You can divert visitors’ attention away from the television and onto the artwork by placing art prints in a specific location that serves as the room’s main point. The same is true for hanging them over the bed in the bedroom or over the wall facing the dining room table in the bedroom.

6. Take height and dimension into consideration


If you’re unsure how high to hang your artwork, a good starting point is to position the center of the piece at 57 inches (or 145 cm) from the floor.

This is the norm at museums and is roughly at the typical viewer’s eye level. However, not everyone is so tall (or so short, depending on how you look at it), and I highly doubt that the vast majority of us call a museum or gallery home. Moreover, we don’t always follow this rule in places where we do a lot of sitting, such as the living room, the dining room, or the office. In such settings, it may be preferable to hang the artwork at a lower level. It will look better visually, and it will complement the room’s existing decor more naturally.

7. Add mirrors

Using artwork that echoes the contours of existing decor is a great way to tie the room together. A lot of people love the point and magic of artwork over the kitchen island, as well as a glassy chandelier! You can select smaller artwork that doesn’t compete with the cabinets but also go for a funky color pattern to give your chosen room life and vibrancy. In case you end up going a bit too dark you should hang around a couple of mirrors, which will give out an illusion of a bigger and more open space.

8. Talk with your family about their wishes


Do you live on your own, with your other half, parents, or kids? The truth is that everyone has their own specific style and set of wishes, making the task a tad bit harder to do.

The environment can have a substantial impact on productivity.

If you choose a pattern that nobody loves, productivity could be severely hindered by all of your family members.

This is straightforward in some situations, such as a living room, and definitely your bedroom. This is why you should think twice and have the talk to get everyone happy!

Where to find gorgeous high-quality art?

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