5 Things to Know About the Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship Program

In today’s age it seems like options are becoming fewer for some people. It has become an accepted fact of life that college will cost a ton and require a lot of planning to manage and pay. This goes double when going into a field that’s deemed less “profitable” and thus supported less by scholarships or other programs. This is where Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship comes in, and where our tips on it may help you achieve some financial aid for further education.

Why are scholarships important?

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Education is important for any person who wishes to find a comfortable working spot in today’s world. The knowledge we can gather with various courses and colleges are key to forming ample qualifications to a future job. However, it can be difficult to do so considering the cost of education and the quirks that come with. Frequently, it’s the price that gets people. Leaving them unable to interact with the system. Thankfully, there is an occasional solution.

While it’s hard to find an influx of cash that would cover the expenses, it’s possible to get this cost sorted out or mostly mitigated through scholarships. One such is the Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship.

1. It’s available to North American students and Canadian ones alike

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The whole scholarship is quite widespread when it comes to the people who can apply for it. Despite the name of the scholarship, it is applicable for any student who can provide proof of citizenship as either an American or Canadian national. The importance of this widespread nature comes from the fact that borders can often cause issues when opportunities like this crop up. With ample effort to get picked for one and simple proof of citizenship, it’s possible to get a scholarship like this.

2. The scholarship requires and essay

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Rather than bothering with exams or even insight into your academic history, the Scott Cooper Miami scholarship relies almost exclusively on the essay you write in order to get it. The idea is that this form of testing showcases the most important quality in any of the fields that are considered for the scholarship while the amount of effort required to fill it out provides good insight into the person’s capabilities and dedication. While the overall application is easy, the essay may be a bit tougher for some to learn. It is a fine way of gaining insight on each applicant and responding much faster than one would when faced with all the extra papers other forms of qualification would bring.

The essay choices are also rather nicely spread between modern topics, creative writing, and introspective options. These topics include: “What’s your favorite social media and why?”, “If you had to live in another time period and in another place, what would your choice be?”, and “If you could change one day of your life, what would you change and why?”.

These three subjects can be chosen from at the start of writing your essay and their overall varied nature definitely contributes to application being easier. The length of the essay isn’t too large, between 250 and 1,000 words, but it is the content that matters. As we’ve noted above, these subjects can truly form interesting essays for anybody to write.

3. Quite a few courses are eligible for it

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Scott Cooper Miami scholarship is there for those who need that extra cash to afford basic needs during college life. The scholarship itself is aimed at students who are tied to non-STEM fields as a way to enhance and support those fields.

While many of the STEM colleges are important, this project aims to achieve the healthy popularity of other courses as well. Specifically, the scholarship is given to those students who go for film, theater, communications, journalism, fitness, education, or marketing fields. These are the ones that often need that extra bit of options in terms of scholarship, as STEM ones are overbearingly present.

This whole scholarship is rather wide in its application which makes it even more fruitful. It’s not hard to end up in one of the fields that are not supported by most or any scholarships, with the price of college this becomes even more of an issue, so knowing where to turn to is always good. What helps is that every student of an accredited college can get a chance to get this scholarship. Not only that, it also holds good reviews. If you want to see for yourself you can check this to see how well Scott Cooper Miami scholarship is currently doing.

4. Scholarship aims to support culture and tourism

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This whole scholarship project was started by Scott Cooper, a Miami resident who has been an advocate for many businesses which operate inside of Miami. The nature of the scholarship is such that it helps students who would help culturally enrich Miami and be ready to handle any tourism if they opted for more business oriented courses. The cooperation between the fields is also encouraged with the idea of making Miami a more enticing place to visit and any visits a story for itself.

5. Official site makes applications very simple

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The scholarship program keeps up with the times which are visible when visiting their official site. Navigation is simple and any important details easy to gleam. There’s quite a bit of investigating one can do, down to the contact information of those responsible for the whole program. Of course, the most important part of this site is the application page.

This page will allow you to quickly fill out any required information that the scholarship demands, while also giving direct guidelines through them. It is a very simple form that has been utilized to its fullest to provide convenience and effectiveness.