KITON Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Collection

Kiton presents its spring/summer 2016 menswear collection, an invitation to discover a kaleidoscope of images from Naples in the 40’s – fil rouge and inspiration of the new offerings, created in the historical tailorshop of Arzano for the next spring/summer season.

In the presentation, fragments of everyday life in Naples from a past era animate the three sartorial booths forming an imposing mirrored prism positioned in the centre of the main floor of Palazzo Kiton. Twelve men and three women interpret the Kiton style in three different sets dubbed “Game”, “Sea” and “Grande Soirée;” in a game of reflections and symbolic scenographic elements, the three installations are inspired to three different moments of the Neapolitan good life and embody the universe of the collection.

The “Game” set tells the story of day-wear: among chess, dice and playing cards, the elegance of retro double-breasted linen and cashmere jacket as well as weightless 12.8 micron wool in full Mediterranean colors, such as yellow, turquoise, cobalt blue, emerald and cherry red. The “Sea” set is themed around leisure time, waves, sails boats and the historical boat clubs of Naples, featuring sportswear with clear and distinctive tailoring. Lastly, the “Grande Soirée” set is built for evening-wear, comprising of dark suits, tuxedos and dinner jackets with large revers with distinctive, timeless elegance.

In the respect of the Neapolitan artisan heritage, and in the hands of Kiton’s tailors, the past becomes avantgarde and the future becomes tradition. See the Kiton spring/summer 2016 menswear offerings in its entirety in the above gallery, and check your local Kiton store for availability.