Singer Reimagined Introduces the Track1 “Hong Kong Edition” Watch

Singer Reimagined is launching the third edition of its Track1 chronograph, dubbed the “Hong Kong Edition”. The sporty timepiece is delivered in black ceramic-coated aluminium 43mm casing, with bold orange accents and a technical textile strap. The ceramic coating was carried out through a complex process called electro-plasma oxidation, which keeps the watch lightweight, yet rugged and scratch resistant. Like its predecessors, the Track1 “Hong Kong Edition” keeps its unique AgenGraphe chronograph movement, which boasts a power-reserve of 60 hours.

Limited to 50 pieces only, the Singer Reimagined Track1 “Hong Kong Edition” watch is priced at approximately $44,600 USD, and it’ll be available starting September 2018, directly from Singer Reimagined, as well as its Hong Kong retailer The Lavish Attic.