McLaren 570S Unveils New Sports Series

McLaren presents its new Sports Series of cars with the 570S. The brand which is known for producing supercars such as the 650 or hypercars like the P1, has never ventured below the category of top-tier performance vehicles. The new 570S will incorporate plenty of the basic components as the company’s other high-end models, including a 3.8-liter twin-turbo … Read more

McLaren Officially Unveils the Futuristic Hyper-GT Speedtail

Today, McLaren officially unveiled the Hyper-GT Speedtail. The futuristic looking supercar sports a curvy symmetrical profile, accentuated with sleek lines. The Speedtail is the successor to McLaren’s first F1 model of the ’90s, and just like its predecessor, the it features a unique three-across seating arrangement, with the driver situated in the center. The McLaren Hyper-GT … Read more

McLaren Introduces the Lightweight Road-Legal 600LT

McLaren is making a new additon to its “Longtail” lineup with the new McLaren 600LT. This makes the 600LT the fourth vehicle to bear the “Longtail” title in twenty years, and is said to be more powerful and lightweight when compared to the previous three cars. Under the hood, the McLaren 600LT harbors a 600 PS … Read more