Instagram Officially Unveils a Complete Redesign

A while back in April, some Instagram users had the opportunity to test out a black-and-white redesign. Instagram has officially made that the design for its overhauled app. Version 8.0, which is now available, offers a simpler design that “puts the focus on your posts and keeps your features in the same place.” The photo-sharing social media app has also kicked its old retro-inspired app icon to the curb, in favor of a more colorful look — one that extends to Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.

Mastering Social Media: A Host’s Guide to Effective Marketing

Mastering Social Media

In the digital age, mastering the art of social media is not just a skill—it’s a powerful tool for hosts wondering about making money on Airbnb and similar platforms. As the hospitality industry evolves, so do the strategies for reaching potential guests. Hosts need to adapt to the changing landscape and embrace the opportunities presented … Read more

Samsung to Launch New Social Network Called Waffle

Electronic giant Samsung, will be joining the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc, to launch its own social network app called Waffle. Developed by Samsung’s Creativity Lab, or C-Lab, Waffle centers around building infinite grids around an original photo, with connected users submitting their own contributions to fill out what the company describes as “a communal graffiti wall.” The mobile app is all about collaboration, as it allows you and your friends to share notes and illustrations and in turn add images and doodles to existing pictures or messages, thus creating a collaborative story or forum.

Waffle is currently in beta in Android, but if Samsung decides to proceed and make it official, we could see Waffle on Android and iOS later this year.

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Instagram Introduces Multiple Account Switching

Starting this week, individuals who manage multiple Instagram accounts will no longer have to go through the hassle of managing accounts from multiple phones, or logging out of one account into another every time. Instagram has now made it possible to quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts. To use this new feature, simply go to your profile … Read more