Watch J. Cole’s New Documentary ‘Eyez’

J. Cole fans have been eagerly awaiting a new project, following the multi-platinum success of 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Well, as a proud J. Cole fan, it’s safe to we’ve got some good news, as 2016 has been pretty silent for the North Carolina rapper.

In an unexpected release from iTunes, it appears J. Cole is dropping his fourth studio album titled 4 Your Eyez Only, on December 9, which you can pre-order now.

In the wake of the above revelation, Cole unveiled a 40-minute documentary titled Eyez. This documentary takes a look at his life since 2014 Forest Hills Drive. This entails a lot of studio time, learning music theory and playing basketball.

7 minutes in, there is a new song with video reportedly titled “One Day Everybody Gotta Die,” and at 30:40 mark, there’s another one titled “False Prophets,” which sees Cole take shots at Kanye West on the first verse, and rap about Wale on the second verse. Hit the play button above and watch Eyez.