Top 10 Webex Meeting Features You Need to Know

The features of Global Webex are coming becoming more fantastic as the world of video messaging and conferencing has been accelerated because of digital transformation, pandemics, and also new generations entering the workplace.

Thus, the Webex contact center is becoming a crucial part of the workplace. So, here are ten vital features of Webex that are must-haves for your company.

New features of global Webex

When you are looking for the new features of Webex, the latest ones can be:

  • Post-meeting summary notification.
  • Real-time translation is available for more than 100 languages.
  • Selection of layout on Webex Board.
  • Shape recognizing in whiteboards.
  • Gesture recognition.
  • Change in-meeting roles.
  • Breakout sessions.
  • Editing messages with attachments.
  • In-meeting media quality on iOS and Android.
  • Scheduling messages through a third-party calendar along with Slack integration.

A detailed list of the ten important features of global Webex

Here are the crucial features of Webex with detailed descriptions to help you out.

1. Removal of background noise


Whenever you need to mute a person with whom you do not want to talk, then you can try to optimize your sound settings. This is one of the most vital features of Webex, where you can remove the background noise from meetings.

Though the app for suppressing noise has been present in several video conferencing apps, Webex can boast its noise removal feature since September 2020.

With the help of this noise cancellation technology of global Webex, you don’t have to worry about the background noise of your meetings. It can even remove background noises as powerful as lawnmowers.

2. You can go on mute

Some professional favorite Webex feature is the advanced settings options. With the help of this feature, you can mute all through the roaster list, the desktop client on the Webex Desk Pro, or any room system’s Room Navigator and Touch10. You can also start automatic recording for your meetings if you need.

3. Immersive share


Another amazing feature of Webex is the immersive share on the Webex Desk Pro. This allows the users to get closure to their audience without the need to take their eyes off the content that the presenters are presenting. Webex allows you to immerse your image as well as the shared contents on a single screen.

4. Webcam optimization

With global Webex, you can enjoy the flexibility of your webcam like never before. The Webex Desk Camera offers you access to change:

  • Auto white balance
  • Autofocus
  • Sharpness
  • Contract
  • Occupancy detection
  • Manual anti-flicker, etc.

5. Webex Assistant closed captions


Another vital feature of Webex is closed captioning. The Webex assistant provides closed captions that are automated, thus, making meetings accessible for those who have hearing issues.

6. Proximity joining

Cisco Proximity enables the users to control the video system, share wirelessly, and interact with shared content.

7. Connecting Webex to Zoom


The message interoperability tool of Mio connects the messages you send to users in Webex with Zoom Chat. This means that when you send a message from Webex, and though they use Zoom, they can still see the message.

8. Webex Peek

With Webex, you can peek into a specific space and preview your messages.

9. Connecting Webex to Slack


If you feel the need to connect Slack and Webex, you can also enjoy this platform combination.

10. Connecting Webex to Microsoft teams

With this vital feature, you can remain in Webex and send messages to your clients, contractors, or co-workers who use Microsoft Teams.

Therefore, the top ten features of global Webex have made it a must-have tool for every company.