A List Of The Top Crypto Artists And Their Most Famous Artworks

Crypto artwork is also commonly known as crypto art. This term refers to a type of digital art that is first authenticated and then sold using only blockchain technology. Crypto art greatly differs from traditional digital art since blockchain technology creates a traceable ownership record and also authenticates the sold image. Crypto art can include digital paintings, animations, 3D models, and music. It is often created using specialized software.

The artist’s reputation, the work’s rarity, and the demand from collectors and investors all play a part in setting the value for crypto art. Once made or purchased, crypto art can be stored and displayed on various platforms, such as online galleries or virtual reality environments. The value of the crypto artwork can change daily based on market conditions as well as the demand from various collectors and investors, and other factors.

The Top Crypto Artworks

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Many crypto artworks created over the last few years have had a significant sale price and value attributed to them. The best example of this is the digital image called ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days’ created by Beeple. It sold for $69 million in March 2021 at a Christie’s auction. The art featured a compilation of Beeple’s creations, which he produced daily for over 13 years! The following are some of the other top crypto artworks sold.

‘Quantum’ by Robert Alice is an extraordinary series of 12 hand-carved Bitcoin blocks. These draw inspiration directly from the Bitcoin blockchain. Each block features a fragment of the Bitcoin whitepaper and a unique inscription. The artwork sold for $130,000 in 2020.

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‘Forever Rose’, created by Kevin Abosch is a stunning rendering of a digital rose. This rose was crafted into a physical sculpture that had a QR code embedded into the stem. The QR code leads to a blockchain record of the artwork, ensuring the artwork’s perpetual existence. It’s a breathtaking creation. It sold for $1 million in 2018.

In March 2021, Larva Labs’ ‘CryptoPunk #3100,’ an 8-bit character from the CryptoPunks collection, sold for an incredible $7.6 million, making it one of the rarest characters with only nine others like it in existence. It is up for sale again at $13.09 million.

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“Crossroads” by Trevor Jones and Alotta Money is a polarising NFT artwork that sold for $6.6 million in February 2021. It features a depiction of former president Donald Trump lying on the ground surrounded by trash and graffiti, superimposed with the words ‘not my president’. This juxtaposes with an image of the chosen president Joe Biden.

Mad Dog Jones created the NFT artwork titled ‘First Supper’. It sold for $4.1 million in February 2021 and features a surreal depiction of a Last Supper-styled dinner. It has a futuristic twist though since it showcases 12 crypto founding fathers, such as Vitalik Buterin and Charlie Lee.

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Trevor Jones created a digital artwork titled “The First 1000 Days’. It is a digital collage that features 1,000 unique images that Trevor Jones created daily for a period of almost three years. The artwork sold as an NFT for $3.9 million in March 2021.

‘Mars House’ by Krista Kim is a remarkable digital artwork that imagines a futuristic house set on Mars. The house even comes with holographic furniture and a realistic virtual reality garden. This incredible artwork sold for a whopping $500,000 in March 2021.

A unique surreal piece is the artwork ‘FlamingoDAO’ by Trevor Jones. It is a digital rendering of a flamingo wearing a crown, surrounded by several other creatures and objects. It was sold for $2. 8 million in February 2021.

Crypto Artwork Platforms And Markets

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Crypto artwork, or NFTs (non-fungible tokens), are a huge draw in the art world, since they have effectively changed the way that we think about ownership and the value of art. In order to buy or sell crypto artwork, there are various online platforms and markets that specialize in this type of art. These platforms provide a shared space for artists and collectors who can come together and exchange unique, one-of-a-kind artworks.

  • SuperRare is a curated platform for digital art that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It features a vast collection of limited-edition digital artworks.
  • Async Art is a unique space where artists can make evolving artworks, which has led to an entirely new level of interactivity and engagement with digital artwork in general. These types of artworks are created using layers, and each layer controls a different function or aspect of the digital artwork, such as the shape or colour. Once sold, the new artwork owners can tweak the art to become a new creation.
  • Gemini, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, owns Nifty Gateway, an online marketplace. It provides exclusive access to limited edition NFTs. This includes digital art, collectibles, and other unique items.
  • KnownOrigin offers a range of artwork from established and emerging artists. Digital art available includes a selection of paintings, illustrations, and animations.
  • MakersPlace is an online marketplace that offers digital art that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Many talented crypto artists sell their limited edition digital artworks here.
  • Foundation is another platform that offers the opportunity to purchase and sell a variety of digital assets. These include NFTs, digital art, music, and other creative items.
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The market for crypto artwork is still fairly new but it is changing rapidly as new platforms and markets emerge. Just like you can now find plenty of JackpotCity reviews, you can look up art platform reviews and recommendations too. This is also a space where artists continue to create exciting and groundbreaking works. As this market continues to grow and develop, it’s clear that crypto artwork is here to stay.

The high sale value NFT and digital images demonstrate the growing demand and interest by the world in digital art. They also highlight the benefits of using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to exchange sales and transfer ownership. While the platforms offer a large range of digital art and NFTs, each offering unique benefits and outstanding features, it makes online digital art less of a far-off dream and more of a concrete and achievable reality.