5 Technology Trends Shaping the iGaming Industry in 2024

Technology is here, and it’s conquering the world. It didn’t come yesterday, but it will be here tomorrow. This is the society we’re living in. every facet of our daily lives is pierced by high tech. just start with our smartphones. You don’t need to look any further. The things we can do today with the palms of our hands couldn’t have been imagined only a few decades ago. We’re moving rapidly, and it’s forward motion. The tech of today is creating trends and is shaping the future we do not yet know.

Are you into iGaming? This is the sphere that’s been rapidly developed in the last few years. In the future, it’s going only to grow. The changes it is experiencing are almost happening on daily basis. People close to the core of it already know how it’s going to be shaped in the years to come. But, do you have any idea? You probably don’t. that’s why you’re reading this article. It is good to be in touch with the world around us, especially if you’re into gaming. Even if you’re not you might be touched by imminent trends and changes.

Now, we probably have your attention. How will this change affect you, if you’re not into gaming? Well, it’s enough that you’re a frequent visitor at any online casino and are playing online blackjack, and you are an enjoyer of iGaming. Even the gambling industry is affected by it, considering how many interactive games they have. Now, that we, without a doubt, have your attention let’s see the five technology trends shaping the iGaming industry in 2024. You’ll see. Some of them are so connected to our everyday lives that you’ll recognize them without a doubt. Let’s start.

Cloud Gaming


Clouds are no longer only in the sky. They’re everywhere. A technology that started as a storage unit is now conquering the world. iGaming is only one facet it will change shortly. So, how cloud gaming is making strides? Well, for one you do not need a console to play. There’s no need to be focused on constant updates. By using the cloud millions of gamers all over the world got rid of the plagues that tormented them for decades. The one must-have item is of course the internet. But, you knew that much. In today’s world, rare are the places where there’s no internet connection so that won’t pose an issue to any gamer we believe. The big players on the market, such as Microsoft and Google already have their stakes in the domain, and you can expect that cloud tech to take over the gaming communities in all parts of the world. Just imagine having the world’s premium games without a need to download install or update anything. Thank you soft cloud.

Mobile Gaming


Even before cloud tech, mobile gaming started making strides. As we mentioned in the introduction – smartphones changed the world, and by a large margin. Gaming couldn’t possibly be left untouched. Thanks to the dedication companies such as Apple and Samsung have to make new and improved products, many of the big-name games can now be played on phones and tablets. Mobile gaming is everyone’s favorite pastime as you can play it anytime and anywhere. It won’t be a surprise if we’re able to play some of the Rockstar’s installments on our phones in the future, and you know how much power a game such as GTA V or Red Dead Redemption require.

Live Streaming Technology

While there’re many downsides to living streaming, when it comes to iGaming there are none. This facet of our world changed the landscape of all forms of gaming.  What it did the best, was it changed the levels of popularity gaming had in the world. Thanks to live streaming, iGaming is now more popular than ever. Things will only get better in the future. Many gaming platforms use this way to attract players to their new products and to advertise them above all else. You have probably noticed that platforms such as YouTube and Twitch are dominating this domain. Expect more to come as time moves on.

Face Recognition


This is not a new technology. It’s been around for a while. But, so far, no major domain took it at its face value. Pun intended. Mostly it is used as a safety measure, and for people to unlock their phones. Slowly, but safely it is entering the domain of gaming. Many video games are using this technology as we speak. Today, thanks to face recognition you can have your face used in a game.  This is what makes gaming so interesting. All of a sudden you can find yourself down on the field playing with Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. While in some aspects appliance of this technology still appears to be naive, it is slowly getting more serious. In the future, you can expect that your face will be in every game imaginable if you desire it of course. While some games have great characters, it’s better if you’re the protagonist, right?



Virtual reality is already here, to some level. In the future, it will be everywhere. Gamers have been dreaming about it for ages. Now, the different reality is slowly becoming a reality. How to tell what’s real? Joking aside, this tech has been planned forever. Only today bigger strides are made. While it has been around for a while, it was too expensive for a common gamer. Today, iGaming is slowly starting to rely on it more and more thanks to the new cheaper, and more affordable equipment. In many industries all around the world, it is already quite important addition. As far as gaming goes it will become a true enjoyment for players to use it for their favorite games and to try new ones coming their way. The levels of gaming players will be able to experience thanks to this tech is through the roof. It is a trend worth monitoring and being a part of it.