Modern Engagement Ring Ideas 2024

An engagement where two people are bound by an eternal promise forever is perhaps the happiest day for any man and woman. It is not only the promise of a future together, but the element of surprise that makes this day as special as anyone can imagine.

Every young woman dreams of the big day, the day she gets to be proposed to and there are so many expectations from the engagement ring. Thankfully, there are amazing websites that can help young couples pick out the perfect engagement ring, be it a moissanite solitaire ring or a beautiful diamond cushion cut ring.

There are unlimited options in the market these days that can help a man choose the perfect ring for his beloved for a special occasion. Not only are the designs customizable, but so are the choice of bands, the shape, the cut and especially the many options of the rock one wants to present to his bride-to-be.

Diamond is no longer the only standard engagement ring as there are many amazing options in the market besides diamonds. Explore unique ways to complement your modern engagement ring with stylish accessories. With solitaire cubic zirconia engagement rings for sale, you have the opportunity to embrace modernity without sacrificing elegance.

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Moissanite Engagement Rings

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Planning to propose with a Diamond ring? Think again. Given that diamond is the most preferred precious stone in the world, what if other rocks had the exact same features as that diamonds and at one part of that price?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to save all that money and still have something that is as pretty as the diamond itself? Moissanite is the key to such options, and modern couples are exploring these opportunities now that they are in the market.

Moissanite is a crystal recreated after being found in a meteor crater site several years ago. Once a natural element that was introduced to earth, today it has been perfected in a scientific lab and is sought-after for its incredible features which are at par with diamonds.

They can be welded into most kinds of jewelry making them one of the best options for those who are looking for budget-friendly rings and pendants.

Modern Engagement Rings with Moissanite

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Moissanite can be used perfectly to make excellent moissanite solitaire rings that can be presented for engagements and weddings to that special someone. Moissanite has the same strength and durability as that diamonds, making them perfect for everyday wedding rings.

Moissanite has excellent brilliance, similar to diamonds and has a very high refractive index making them shine just a bit more than usual, even in the dark or in low light.

The best part is that they are less than half the price of diamond rings and still can look strikingly similar to diamonds. In fact, good jewelers can make exact same cuts of the moissanite rocks such as square cut diamond rings; cushion cut diamond rings, emerald cut diamond rings etc.

Some of the new age engagement ring ideas with Moissanite are mentioned below:

Baguette ring

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Rectangular-shaped moissanite set in a band of platinum or white gold is a new trendy minimalist ring.

Halo Ring

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A center solitaire moissanite surrounded by several small stones like a halo is one of the best-selling kinds.

Heart-shaped Ring

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One of the favorites among young couples, a center solitaire moissanite that is shaped in an upward or downward-looking heart, is a stellar piece of the ring to own.