Buying Kanchipuram Silk Saree Online

Silk sarees hold a very special place in the hearts of Indians. Women wear silk sarees during all kinds of religious and festival ceremonies as it is considered to be pious and pure. Silk sarees are made from silk that is cultivated locally.

Silk is offered to deities, Gods and Goddesses in India and therefore has very high religious value. Brides in India usually wear silk sarees because of their heritage and the ethnic value it holds.

Silk sarees come from different ethnicities and religious groups in India, each with its own specialties such as Kanchipuram saree, Banarasi Saree, Muga Silk Saree, Mysore Silk Saree, Pochampally saree, Chanderi Silk Saree, etc.

Each of these sarees represents the culture and heritage of India as they are made with unique designs, craft and technique that is symbolic of that particular region and the people in each region.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

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Kanchipuram is a small town near the capital city of Chennai in the southern state of India – Tamil Nadu. This particular town is well known for being one of the richest in terms of cultural pride and ethnicity.

Even in 2024, the town is culturally inclined and not too fashionable even in this era. Kanchipuram is a town with many great temples built by the Cholas and the Pandyas – two powerful eras of the kingdom that ruled over Tamil Nadu in the prehistoric period.

The strongest points of both these kingdoms were their religious inclination which gave rise to the many towns across Tamil Nadu, especially in the north, with numerous Hindu Temples and with unrealistic architecture.

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The architectural designs and the heritage of these temples are unmatched in the world. The gods and goddesses that are worshipped in this temple have golden sarees, dhotis, and plenty of gold and diamond jewelry and the temples are adorned with golden murals as well.

The cultural pride in this state dates back to the rich history of the kings who gave away their jewels and riches to the temple to honor the gods. This tradition is reflected in all the sarees that are made in the small town of Kanchipuram.

Each saree has embroidery made of gold and silver that has temple-inspired designs and prints that tell the tales of the kings and queens in South India.

Buying Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Online

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Many years ago, these sarees were produced by silk weavers in their homes or in small factory set-ups and families in India flocked to the town to handpick them from their makers directly.

The internet has now revolutionized this process by enabling retail sites to sell these sarees globally by purchasing them from weavers directly at the best prices and sharing this benefit with customers.

Buying an original Kanchipuram saree can be expensive, but simple sarees can start at a nominal price of Rs 5000 and above. Most sarees, however, have gold and silver thread designs and cost an average of Rs 10,000 and upwards.

Bridal Kanchipuram sarees are more expensive as there are many choices that have special embroideries, motifs and embellishments to offer a rich and unmatched texture and print.

Kanchipuram sarees are mostly used in traditional ceremonies and for weddings in the south. Many people worldwide are now buying Kanchipuram silk sarees because of their unbelievable quality and craftsmanship.