Porsche Taycan Set to Rival Tesla as Waiting List Grows

Production of the first fully electric Porsche vehicle known as the “Taycan,” is scheduled to begin in 2019. The Porsche Taycan was originally unveiled as the Mission E Concept back in 2015, and even though production will only commence next year, Porsche MD Alexander Pollich has stated that customers’ reception have been incredibly positive.

Pollich stated that Porsche opened orders for the electric vehicle earlier this month, and the reaction from customers have been “fantastic.” The Porsche executive also stated that the Taycan is, in a way, a return to Porsche’s roots, considering that the company started with an electric car back in 1898.

The Taycan will output 600 horsepower, with a capability of achieving 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, with an expected range of over 300 miles, in addition to being an all-wheel drive. The Taycan will also be equipped with series of driver-assistance features such as an autonomous mode, and a digital instrument panel with a holographic display.

An 800-volt charger capable of charging a vehicle to 80 percent in 20 minutes, is already being developed by Porsche, with aims to install over 10,000 fast-chargers around the world by the end of 2019. Porsche is using the Taycan to spearhead its £5.3 billion investment into electromobility by 2024.

The Taycan is scheduled to go on sale in 2020, and even though the German automaker has yet to disclose the official pricing details, sources indicate it will start off in the $75,000 USD to $85,000 USD range, making it a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S.