Yves Saint Laurent Museum Set to Open in Marrakesh in Fall 2017

The work of French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, will be honored with a special museum in Marrakesh, Morocco. Scheduled to open its doors in fall 2017, the new institution will house a vast collection of YSL items, such as 5,000 clothing pieces along with 15,000 haute couture accessories. Additionally, the museum will host a large number of sketches and other miscellaneous memorabilia.

The Studio KO-designed space will be about 4,000 square feet with detailed aspects such as an exhibition space, bookstore, restaurant with a terrace, 130-seat auditorium and a library that will be the home to around 5,000 books. Its interior is designed to mirror the inside of a luxurious couture jacket with a luminous, velvety and smooth look. Comprised of concrete, terracotta and additional stone fragments, the structure effortlessly complements its surrounding.

The Yves Saint Laurent museum is expected to open in fall 2017. Check out some of its planned looks above.