5 Ways Casinos Impact Local Tourism In Europe

When talking about casino tourism, several nations have constructed sizable casinos in various regions of their borders to draw in more travelers. Because it draws more visitors, potential investors, and cash, a more vibrant tourism environment is advantageous for the economy.

Gambling businesses may be found in some of the most well-known tourist spots globally. As a result, the majority of wealthy nations in the globe have adopted this new kind of tourism. The impact of casinos on tourism and their contribution to a nation’s overall economy will be covered below.

Gambling tourism is significant since it is a business that generates revenue for a city or region and may increase its level of income, as evidenced in locations like Macau, which, prior to Covid, was on track to surpass Qatar as the world’s richest locale (Tang & Kim, 2024). A region may become more prosperous and see a beneficial change in society by investing in gambling tourism, which will have a multiplier effect on other sectors such as hotels, shopping, dining, and entertainment (Lehto et al., 2014; Leiper, 1989; Rosenbaum & Wong, 2015).

Casino Travel


Let’s examine some of the biggest casino markets globally to better understand how casinos contribute to increased tourism. Australia, Macau, and the USA are a few of them. For instance, Las Vegas, Nevada, managed to draw in more than 40 million visitors in 2016. It makes sense given that Las Vegas is the place to be if you want to have a good time and make a lot of money.

Las Vegas’s primary rival is Macau. It is in China and has evolved into one of the biggest gaming destinations worldwide. Macau has proven to be a key example of casino tourism in the sector, surpassing Las Vegas in terms of gaming receipts in 2010.

In 2013, the area was successful in luring several affluent vacationers. In that year, high rollers received 66% of casino revenues. The government’s anti-corruption drive in 2014 put an end to this abrupt growth. Because of the casinos’ business plan, Europe gradually stabilized and expanded its target market to include the mainstream market as well as high rollers brand new online casinos.

Despite Macau casinos’ continued success, many Chinese gamblers weren’t happy. They chose to go to Australia. Due to Australia’s tremendous casino expansion, around 1 million Chinese gamblers relocated there. With 10 million tourists over the past several years, gambling establishments have overtaken Macau and Las Vegas as one of Australia’s most visited attractions.

Gambling And The Growth Of The Tourist Sector


Over the past two decades, there has been a significant surge in gambling tourism, and cities like Macau, Singapore, and Las Vegas have become mega-hubs that draw millions of tourists annually (Henderson, 2008). Casino games are used more and more to promote tourist development and growth (Walker, 2013). There are several instances of development projects that made use of casinos expressly to increase and draw tourists (Mihali, 2000).

The Grand Ho Tram Strip (Ba Ria-Vung) in Vietnam, which was inaugurated in July 2013, serves as one illustration. Aiming primarily at visitors from mainland China, this development project was designed to draw tourists from other countries. From 11 million visitors in 2012 to 25.3 million in 2020, the Ba Ria-Vung Tau province experienced a rise in tourism, and it appears that Vietnam’s investment in casino tourism has also paid off, as in 2018 visitor arrivals reached 15.49 million, up 54.7% from 2016. You should be aware that the Vietnam programme also included funding for golf courses and related tourist and hospitality development.

The Impact Of Casino Tourism On Other Industries

Many visitors from many nations might congregate in one location because of this kind of tourism. The success of casinos may also boost other sectors of the economy. For instance, the hotel sector has a lot to gain from gaming tourism. Anywhere there is a casino, there will also be hotels, resorts, and dining options. Restaurants, casinos, hotels, and other enterprises frequently form alliances.

Along with other regional tourism attractions, hotels and restaurants would prosper. Many international tourists would be attracted by the casinos to local eateries, giving them the chance to sample local food. The country’s tourism benefits from its fame.

One of the major sources of income and profit in the hospitality and tourism industries are casinos, which have a significant economic influence on the region where they are located (Metaxas, 2016; Philander, 2019).

The economic impact is what drives regional or global tourism growth strategies that draw tourists who are anticipated to spend money on both casino goods and ancillary tourism services and experiences. It also serves as the foundation for the popularity of casino development projects undertaken in the last 20 years (Henderson, 2006; Ishihara, 2017).

Social Effects Of Gambling


Legalized gambling has a wide range of repercussions on society, including both tangible and intangible effects on a place, as well as economic, sociological, and environmental effects. Numerous towns, like Macau and Las Vegas, have seen a significant economic transformation as a result of this influence. Apart from the direct profits from players and the taxes paid on those gains, casinos have economic benefits for an area. These include a significant rise in employment and GDP per person (Nichols et al., 2002; Rosenbaum & Wong, 2015).

Online Gambling Sites Are Becoming More And More Popular


A trip to an upscale casino is not always a possibility. For people who like playing casino games like Blackjack, online casinos provide a practical option. One of the most well-known and favored casino games is this particular one. Anyone with internet access may immediately play this card game at online locations.

The availability of the relevant information makes learning about what each site has to offer at the same time that much more practical and easy. To see each location directly, one does not need to commute and travel between them for hours at a time.


The evidence shown above demonstrates how casinos may have a major positive impact on an economy’s overall tourist condition. An issue arises when an economy depends too much on the gambling sector to draw visitors.

Many nations vary their tourism locations and locate a variety of tourist attractions close to casinos. As a result, international gamblers may travel and visit the sites. But if they are already sick of casinos, they will wish to come back much more.