Can A Magnet Manipulate A Slot Machine?

As of recently, it seems that everyone is more concerned with the ways you can or if there are ways to cheat certain gambling machines than we are interested in strategies that can help us win them regularly.

Now we have to be perfectly honest not everyone looks for this information because they are looking for an easier way to win money, some people are dabbing into this because they want to protect themselves. In the history of gambling, there was a huge amount of those that were looking to get by with cheating and scamming, as it is now.

The times and technology have changed a lot but the intentions of certain people haven’t. In the old days of gambling, it was way easier to cheat and beat the system and those that knew how and could do so, utilised their chances abundantly. However, today more and more people favor trusted and safe online casinos such as EU casino for UK players.

As time progressed and technology changed the ways of cheating became harder and harder. Now, most of you know that cheating in gambling is virtually impossible and if you tried something like that you would get caught so fast and so hard that you wouldn’t know what came upon you.

In the article today we will discuss a way of manipulating a slot machine that was highly popular back in the day. It yielded great results and many took advantage of that. Is it still viable now and can you still beat a slot machine with it, keep reading and find out. If you are looking to play slots safely and without worries of any malfunctions and mischief then make sure to try the best online slots on the internet.

To understand how a magnet could affect a slot machine you first have to know some things. Old slot machines were metal and they worked on a reel system that spun when the hand was pulled. Thanks to those reels being made out of metal and attached to other metal parts anyone with a powerful enough magnet could affect the outcome of that machine. Would it always be in your favour it is hard to tell but you could make it go haywire and make it return more than it is supposed to?

These were the things that people used to look into and these were some of the malversations that were tested in smaller casinos and those outback ones that didn’t have enough security and where staff haven’t checked on that often. when a certain magnet strategy worked you would go somewhere bigger to try it out and get your hands on as much money as you could.

As soon as this type of fraud was noticed the casinos, big and small instantly reacted by finding out ways to stop it. There were cameras, and extra staff lurking around and there were newer materials built into slots that prevented magnets from reaching out and rigging the reels.

This was an effective part of the times and to people that were hell-bent on getting that money, this was merely an obstacle they needed to jump over to get to their goal. Bigger and more powerful magnets were used and they could make the entire slot machine system go crazy.

This is where the game maker had to decide on changing the way the machine. Different materials were used and different setups and important part placements were in play to stop this behaviour and to stop the money bleeding from the casinos. As time and technology progressed, we went from all metal parts to plastics and carbon fibre materials that were a lot cheaper and more resistant to these manipulations.

In today’s day in age, we see more of these slot machines that are all digital. There are no moving parts, there are no spinning reels there are no components to it that can be affected from the outside unless you are a tech or a service and you know how to communicate with the machine.

The digital age brought us processors and circuit boards that are prone to magnet attacks and that can’t be affected by any means. The only way to make a slot machine go crazy today is to knock it down on the ground and cause a short circuit within it. Even if you do all that no guarantees you will see any money be given back to you, it would most likely power down or blow a fuse.

Now to answer the question if you haven’t already picked up on it – NO! Today’s slot machines are untouchable and can’t be rigged or forced to work to your advantage. They are too sophisticated, there are a lot of proprietary techs built to protect the machine, the game maker and ultimately the casino and that equipment isn’t cheap. Casinos are better off paying extra on these machines than paying out all the winnings if they are easily rigged.

If you are wondering and if you thought to go into a casino with a magnet of any sort to tilt the scale to your advantage, please don’t. you will do nothing with it but bring yourself a lot of problems and legal issues.

Using a magnet on a machine made in the last 5 years is completely useless and it will bring you nothing. The best thing you can do is research or come up with a decent slot strategy that may increase your odds a bit more and that is pretty much it.

We have articles regarding that in our archives and you are welcome to check them out, ultimately you can go online and browse for slot machine strategy. There is plenty to read and learn and we believe that this is the safest way for you to do this.

Anything else than legitimate play, believing in your skills and luck will result in a ban from the casino, an account ban if you are an online gambler and you will very soon run out of options. Go legit, trust in yourself, your luck and your strategy and see what you are made of. No magnets, no tricks and no funny business when it comes to gambling.