Facebook Unveils Its Open-Source 360-Degree Video Camera

Facebook has just unveiled a 360-degree video capture system, with plans to release it as an open-source project. The high-end device which resembles a flying saucer, features 17 individual cameras along with a web-based software that works together to capture images in 360 degrees and then render them automatically. According to Facebook, the camera which is dubbed “Facebook Surround 360”, is better than any other 360-degree video camera on the market.

The Facebook Surround 360 also has 14-wide angle cameras, as well as multiple fish eye cameras, and it can run for hours without overheating.

Facebook says it costs $30,000 USD to buy the materials required to build a Surround 360. Although work started on the project over a year ago, the Surround 360 won’t be on GitHub until later this summer. To learn more about the Facebook Surround 360 rig, proceed here.