Facebook Launches Dedicated Messenger Website

Facebook has introduced yet another feature in the form of a dedicated web chat interface at Messenger.com. The Messenger site features a list of your threads on the left, with a big, clean, white chat window on the right. Most of the mobile app’s features are available for use from the site, including audio and video calls, stickers, … Read more

Facebook Plans To Turn Messenger Into A Platform

Facebook is expanding its Messenger app to include a host of new features, which could include more options for sharing content, better access for third-party developers, and the ability to host other services on top of Facebook Messenger. Letting you send money to your friends through Messenger is just the first step, as it seem. Soon you could … Read more

Facebook Unveils Its Open-Source 360-Degree Video Camera

Facebook Open-Source 360-Degree Video Camera

Facebook has just unveiled a 360-degree video capture system, with plans to release it as an open-source project. The high-end device which resembles a flying saucer, features 17 individual cameras along with a web-based software that works together to capture images in 360 degrees and then render them automatically. According to Facebook, the camera which is dubbed “Facebook Surround 360”, is … Read more

Facebook Unveils New Logo

Facebook has unveiled a new logo design for the first time since its creation in 2005, with changes so subtle most people won’t easily notice. The changes include the switch from a double-story “a” to a single-story one, as well as the addition of more white space and thinner lettering, making it easier to read. According to Josh … Read more