Tactics, Strategies and Tips for Playing Rainbow Six Siege for The Attack and Defense Sides

Rainbow Six is a full-fledged session tactical shooter that allows players to plunge into the world of confrontation and operations against terrorists who have captured an important facility and mined it, or have taken hostages and special forces must knock them out.

You will play for both sides of the conflict, with sides and roles switching halfway through each match.

In total, you need to win 7 victories and then the match will be completed.

You will have access to a large number of special forces agents and terrorists who have unique skills and tools for battles and providing r6 rank boosting.

What defenders need to know

Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege

Terrorists almost always start their matches on the defensive – on a captured object, which must be kept from the actions of special forces and prevent the destruction of the group, the defusing of a bomb, or the release of hostages, otherwise the round will be lost.

You need to think through the points at which each of the five players will hold the defense and prepare for the assault by the special forces.

The difficulty will be that most objects in R6 are destroyed and shot through, and quite often the special forces will use grenade explosions, spontaneous breakthroughs from the roof, or through walls to take you by surprise and shoot through obstacles, trying to eliminate the defenders and increase their superiority and chances of success in the round.

Try to calculate approximate options from where attacking characters can attack you and mine entry points into the territory and potential points at which it will be advantageous to hold the defense.

It is always more difficult for attackers to attack, because for a successful assault you need to have numerical superiority.

Since in Rainbow Six both teams have the same number of participants, you need to beware, or prepare for the fact that the special forces will begin the assault together and when the battle begins with five participants at once, you just need to gain time until the main defense forces arrive.

Sometimes you can try pushing – this is when defensive players, on the contrary, start the round aggressively in order to destroy at least one attacking character and quickly return to position to prevent exchanges and loss of numerical advantage.

Agents should be selected according to only two principles – the ability to conduct reconnaissance and lay mines and the installation of barricades and other obstacles that will help stop the assault and gain time until the end of the round.

Effective defensive actions are an excellent opportunity to gain many rounds and increase the likelihood of winning and securing a boost in Rainbow Six Siege.

What attackers need to know

Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege

Assault operations are a complex process that requires a high level of teamwork, because otherwise you will simply run into fortified points, from which you can simply die one by one at the hands of terrorists.

The special forces will have a difficult task – to find the most unprotected parts and, conducting reconnaissance with the help of drones and visual observation, select points for entry into the building and knock them out with an accurate strike and forced battle, or isolate the terrorists at the time of the assault, so that part of the special forces group will take out the hostages, or clear the mines bomb, which will ensure victory in the round.

Ideally, you can ensure an assault from at least two sides at once, for example from the roof and basement. Yes, you have to bypass the mines and destroy the points created by the terrorists, but there will also be only 5 enemies, and if you knock out at least one and attack from both sides, the defense may crumble, the main thing is to confidently push through your attack directions and at the same time cover each other.

Yes, Rainbow Six contains arcade elements, but an assault with suppressive fire by two fighters at once will almost always block one defender, who will have to either rebuild, or hide – where a grenade will find him, or catch bullets and go to inspect the round from the position of an observer.

Rainbow Six

Don’t be afraid to destroy all the objects that are on the map in order to complete the task – you are the police, and you have special powers, but you need to know exactly where the hostages are, otherwise you can easily harm them and be defeated.

You can destroy walls and interior partitions, knock out windows, shoot through all types of furniture, and even blow up the roof and suddenly burst into the room.

Your main task is to act quickly, burst into the room with large forces and, without allowing the enemies to come to their senses, destroy them with a numerical superiority.

Try to conduct reconnaissance and find out the location of the hostages so that you know in which parts of the building you can freely use grenades. Sometimes it is more profitable to simply blow up, bypass, or throw grenades at the enemy than to storm his position and risk the lives of the soldiers.

General recommendations

There are also general tips that will help you get R6 boost more consistently for any side.

Use grenades

If you have even the slightest opportunity not to engage in battle, but to restrain opponents, or to throw a well-aimed grenade directly into cover to eliminate him, then you need to use it.

Check for mines and traps and set them yourself

If you choose agents who are able to mine the area, or remove them for safe defense or offensive.

Explosives themselves are dangerous only in two cases:

  1. It is installed in an unusual place, which is not always easy to ensure, because all the players who are boosting Rainbow Six Siege know every card, but you need to be creative and then there is a chance to destroy one enemy, or even most of a group of opponents.
  1. Set the trap so that the enemy does not see it, but sees you, and when the battle begins, you will simply be engulfed by the dynamics of the battle and the enemy will move and have a chance to stumble upon a mine, or his partners.

In response, check all the rooms yourself carefully and do not rush, so as not to receive retaliatory actions.